Thursday, November 17, 2011

God created love because it's not an easy thing....

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Greetings dear beloved reader.

How are you at the very moment you're reading this?


I hope that you're in an extremely good condition.

This post come back again to a very interesting topic.



I've read several posts about people feeling frustrated, sad and grieving about this particular thing.

Which came up to my mind

"Why is this happening meh?"

Don't you know that love is fascinating?

We learn almost everything inside it.

In love

There's mathematic, chemistry, physic, religious study, management & biology...

You name it, everything's here!

As hard you think learning physic in school

The same degree love is in order...

Do you think involve in love makes your life easier?

Damn, you're going to be in deep shit....!!

Involve in love will make you a better person...

As in pursuit to be a better person,'s NOT easy yaaww!!

If love is an easy thing, this world is full of lazy people!!

Embrace love not because it's beautiful, embrace it because it makes you better!

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