Friday, July 31, 2009

Some things better....

I have a lot...

a lot of things going through my mind....


have u ever think why people different from each other?

why some things happened?

why girls wear skirts and boys don't?

believe me, u might think it's ridiculous...

what is belief then?

do you know, at particular situation...everything have various meaning..

I mean VARIOUS...

for example, how do you describe "VARIOUS"?

go back to belief, you believe you know how to describe it right?

That's what you believe..

ok..go back to 'various'..

I state here, BELIEFS can also be varied...

now you think I'm trying to confuse you...

and you BELIEVE you aren't...

let's me state back...

"you believe that you know how to describe 'various', your belief was varied, you denied your confusion that also brings various interpretation and it tells you that you are okay, but again it strikes you back"

got it?

you're doing good..

have you count the stars?

there have been said that there are billions of stars not just in the our galaxy...

again, you believe that because that's what you learned...

so I say, thare are about 356,457,872,004,456 stars out there...

would you believe it?

let's say, you're a historian...

you believe that Parameswara convert to Islam when Islam reached Melaka because that's what you learned..

along came another historian that you think better than you..

you THINK...

he/she told you that Parameswara used to believe in Christianity before converting to Islam...

you said, "where the hell Christianity came to Melaka before that?"

but you think he/she was right...

do you dare thinking something else?

you might wanna read back all those books...

but do you?

after you read this? what do you think about you?

what is your capacity?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sacarmento Optimus??

What actually differentiate you from others?

is it your looks?

is it your origins?

or is it your hair color?

there are a lot of speculation about this matter...

but to me, it is your THINKING...

Einstein was not a successor in physic subject during his studies from what I read...

but his THINKING change the whole world and that differentiated him.

Julio Iglesias used to be sacked from his choir team..

but his THINKING has made him famous right now and that differentiated him..

to tell you what, I'm not a physicist nor singer...

BUT this topic excited me...

yeah, what is Sacarmento Optimus?

nowadays, my friends keep asking me why am I getting thinner...

and some of my answers seemed not pleasing them...

I think hard for another answer and I found this SACARMENTO OPTIMUS..

it's a disease...very rare one.

It's a cell degrading disease....

I've read article bout other cell degrading diseases in the internet...

and it's not disappointing but there are no such thing as Sacarmento Optimus.

hehehehe...I know what you thinking right now and you're right.

and if any medic students read my blog now, they'll tell me it's BULLSHIT.

I answered to my friends, I have a disease and it's called SACARMENTO OPTIMUS.

Optimus is a Latin word which means best...and Sacarmento came from Sacramento, a place where their people diets were mostly acorn, fruits and etc.

so, I conclude's an eating disorder that brought up to cell degrading.


so, it has to be some catalyst to acquire this disease and it's your phone!!

mobile phone transmit some kind of wave and used to say that it develops cancer..

somehow, some thing in this world to this wave.

you wonder how this small thing can contribute to such massive degrading?
(weight lost, hair lost, bone density and etc)

remember, I said the word EVOLVE and this disease is RARE.

(man, it feels like an art student making a medic thesis)

you know that cell mutation is possible? (X-Men, Spiderman or even The Flash is possible too)

but in medic terms, mutation doesn't sound really good in my perspective...hahhaahaa

but does this disease has a cure?

you bet it would...

I have configure a cure for this disease for I'm suffering this..

The cure is CONSTANT support such as hugging and kissing or even small talk.

don't get me wrong, it's not a perverted issue here...

when you hug somebody or kiss, you somehow transfer a bit of energy both positive and negative and these energy help reducing the effect of the CATALYST.

so, anybody who wish to lose weight...I have bad news for you, because this disease is not contagious. hahahahah..

come to me, maybe I can suggest you something...

Just For You


My mind ahead was closed
I feel I couldn’t get through
I left myself untraceable
Feel empty without you

I walked on this narrow street
I wished my feelings were true
I ended up in a bottomless pit
Feeling lonely without you

My world seems quiet
As I may nothing to you
There were some things I’m not adroit
They’re my feeling towards you

My affection towards you were endless
I’m just waiting on a cue
Although you may think I’m mindless
It never changes what I think of you

I dream of a better reality
It’s done when I get you
If you wish for sincerity
I could make it up to you

I could hardly sleep
When I’m far away from you
I’ll take the longest leap
Just to show how much I love you

P.S : currently listening to Michael Jackson's -They Don't Care About Us-

Understanding You

Understanding You

When there's a star
There's me waiting for you
What hurt remain a scar
It's a sign of what I've been through

Days without you were agony
It tortured my body and soul
I prayed my future is bright and sunny
And I can't predict it through a bowl

All I need is your help
To end my deserving misery
Between you and me there's a gap
Of relationship built in hurry

Rome wasn't built in a day
The same goes with our friendship
If you hiding something to say
How long you're planning to keep?

I trusted you with all I got
But you don't seem to have in me
Everything in my mind were out of sort
Are you going to let it be?

Being left by you
Is the crucial part in my life
I crossed every border to reach you
Just to get you near by my side.

P.S : huhuhu...I only post my creation after I did give it to the one I wanna give. that's why it takes time!

Until The Day I Found You

Until The Day I Found You

I soaked my fingers wet
In a bowl full of water
The flow of water never waits
For there’s something I cannot alter

Life has been so dull
I searched for an ending
I felt like a crack in my skull
But sure it was nothing

Until one warm day
I was browsing and found you
In my mind I have one thing to say
You put an end to what I've been through

At first I thought you were not real
But still I feel your softness
I could stand without having my meal
But not without your sweetness

I stayed awake nearly everyday
Just to make sure you're not waiting
Anything for you I may
As my love towards you increasing

Don't worry of losing me
Because I'm forever here for you
Waiting for the day you’ll meet me
To show you my feelings are true

I prayed so hard every time
That all about you are true
Your backgrounds, eyes and smiles
Anything that can picture you

I’m a normal human being
Of course I have doubts
You are my source of living
With you I am stout

P.S : This is some of my newest creation, feel free to read and give comment!

So far So long..

Where..where...where...have I gone?

time keeps on moving...I seem can't catch up with the phase of life.

Now, I'm back here again and look at the lost horizon that I created myself.

it's beautiful but not a good feeling...

you know what, I'm still the same but my appearances are different.

everybody keep asking me,

'Leo, knape ko semakin kurus?'

hurm...I really don't know what to say maa.

I feel normal from the inside but I'm not to them...

actually I wanna said to them...

"Owh, dulu aku gemuk ko kutuk2...skrg dh kurus ckp aku lg hensem time gemuk dulu la, ape la...fine!!

but I'm an analytical person (kind of)...

so, I went of a research on myself as a subject...there goes injection and operation.hahahaha

no la, gler ape...

even at 1 time, I asked myself whether I took drug w/o I'm realizing it? that moment I was suddenly became panicked..

I searched for any mysterious mark all over my body..(gelabah gler)

but didn't find anything unusual...great! say NO to drugs..

last sem, I weighted at approximately 66.5kg..

guess what is my current weight?

it's 52.4kg...hahahaha.

and I think it keeps going up and down just aroound 52 to 55kg

I admitted that I applied some kind of diet...and it worked!

I DID plan to lose weight and gain back my old weight...and it worked!

I used to wear jeans and pants size I can even wear back my high school seluar melayu.

what's happening to me?

did something happen INSIDE my body w/o I'm noticing it?

or maybe I was cursed by a gypsy tribe that I gone thinner until I die?
(wah..pengaruh movie Stephen King ni)