Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sacarmento Optimus??

What actually differentiate you from others?

is it your looks?

is it your origins?

or is it your hair color?

there are a lot of speculation about this matter...

but to me, it is your THINKING...

Einstein was not a successor in physic subject during his studies from what I read...

but his THINKING change the whole world and that differentiated him.

Julio Iglesias used to be sacked from his choir team..

but his THINKING has made him famous right now and that differentiated him..

to tell you what, I'm not a physicist nor singer...

BUT this topic excited me...

yeah, what is Sacarmento Optimus?

nowadays, my friends keep asking me why am I getting thinner...

and some of my answers seemed not pleasing them...

I think hard for another answer and I found this SACARMENTO OPTIMUS..

it's a disease...very rare one.

It's a cell degrading disease....

I've read article bout other cell degrading diseases in the internet...

and it's not disappointing but there are no such thing as Sacarmento Optimus.

hehehehe...I know what you thinking right now and you're right.

and if any medic students read my blog now, they'll tell me it's BULLSHIT.

I answered to my friends, I have a disease and it's called SACARMENTO OPTIMUS.

Optimus is a Latin word which means best...and Sacarmento came from Sacramento, a place where their people diets were mostly acorn, fruits and etc.

so, I conclude's an eating disorder that brought up to cell degrading.


so, it has to be some catalyst to acquire this disease and it's your phone!!

mobile phone transmit some kind of wave and used to say that it develops cancer..

somehow, some thing in this world to this wave.

you wonder how this small thing can contribute to such massive degrading?
(weight lost, hair lost, bone density and etc)

remember, I said the word EVOLVE and this disease is RARE.

(man, it feels like an art student making a medic thesis)

you know that cell mutation is possible? (X-Men, Spiderman or even The Flash is possible too)

but in medic terms, mutation doesn't sound really good in my perspective...hahhaahaa

but does this disease has a cure?

you bet it would...

I have configure a cure for this disease for I'm suffering this..

The cure is CONSTANT support such as hugging and kissing or even small talk.

don't get me wrong, it's not a perverted issue here...

when you hug somebody or kiss, you somehow transfer a bit of energy both positive and negative and these energy help reducing the effect of the CATALYST.

so, anybody who wish to lose weight...I have bad news for you, because this disease is not contagious. hahahahah..

come to me, maybe I can suggest you something...


Syaza Izura said...

sacarmento optimus?? ye ye jer...

tp betul la..leo better kalo berisi sket kot..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

hehhhehe...musti la.

ok skit? looked horrible!!