Saturday, July 25, 2009

Understanding You

Understanding You

When there's a star
There's me waiting for you
What hurt remain a scar
It's a sign of what I've been through

Days without you were agony
It tortured my body and soul
I prayed my future is bright and sunny
And I can't predict it through a bowl

All I need is your help
To end my deserving misery
Between you and me there's a gap
Of relationship built in hurry

Rome wasn't built in a day
The same goes with our friendship
If you hiding something to say
How long you're planning to keep?

I trusted you with all I got
But you don't seem to have in me
Everything in my mind were out of sort
Are you going to let it be?

Being left by you
Is the crucial part in my life
I crossed every border to reach you
Just to get you near by my side.

P.S : huhuhu...I only post my creation after I did give it to the one I wanna give. that's why it takes time!

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