Saturday, July 25, 2009

Until The Day I Found You

Until The Day I Found You

I soaked my fingers wet
In a bowl full of water
The flow of water never waits
For there’s something I cannot alter

Life has been so dull
I searched for an ending
I felt like a crack in my skull
But sure it was nothing

Until one warm day
I was browsing and found you
In my mind I have one thing to say
You put an end to what I've been through

At first I thought you were not real
But still I feel your softness
I could stand without having my meal
But not without your sweetness

I stayed awake nearly everyday
Just to make sure you're not waiting
Anything for you I may
As my love towards you increasing

Don't worry of losing me
Because I'm forever here for you
Waiting for the day you’ll meet me
To show you my feelings are true

I prayed so hard every time
That all about you are true
Your backgrounds, eyes and smiles
Anything that can picture you

I’m a normal human being
Of course I have doubts
You are my source of living
With you I am stout

P.S : This is some of my newest creation, feel free to read and give comment!


emy BAKRI said...

u reka poem utk saper lak ni?

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

untuk Umirul Hani Basira Joseph..

but she's no more...