Saturday, July 25, 2009

So far So long..

Where..where...where...have I gone?

time keeps on moving...I seem can't catch up with the phase of life.

Now, I'm back here again and look at the lost horizon that I created myself.

it's beautiful but not a good feeling...

you know what, I'm still the same but my appearances are different.

everybody keep asking me,

'Leo, knape ko semakin kurus?'

hurm...I really don't know what to say maa.

I feel normal from the inside but I'm not to them...

actually I wanna said to them...

"Owh, dulu aku gemuk ko kutuk2...skrg dh kurus ckp aku lg hensem time gemuk dulu la, ape la...fine!!

but I'm an analytical person (kind of)...

so, I went of a research on myself as a subject...there goes injection and operation.hahahaha

no la, gler ape...

even at 1 time, I asked myself whether I took drug w/o I'm realizing it? that moment I was suddenly became panicked..

I searched for any mysterious mark all over my body..(gelabah gler)

but didn't find anything unusual...great! say NO to drugs..

last sem, I weighted at approximately 66.5kg..

guess what is my current weight?

it's 52.4kg...hahahaha.

and I think it keeps going up and down just aroound 52 to 55kg

I admitted that I applied some kind of diet...and it worked!

I DID plan to lose weight and gain back my old weight...and it worked!

I used to wear jeans and pants size I can even wear back my high school seluar melayu.

what's happening to me?

did something happen INSIDE my body w/o I'm noticing it?

or maybe I was cursed by a gypsy tribe that I gone thinner until I die?
(wah..pengaruh movie Stephen King ni)


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