Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Growing Old

To young we live
To old we perish

You smile here today
Enriched the end of life

We hold onto each other
Hope of not letting go

Silver lining in the sky
Haven't match with lining below eyes
As the thunder grows stronger
Our body shaken with fever

We travel each day
With precised footsteps
We know there'll be followers
To young they live

The day I say I love you
Words perished not
Thoughts live longer
I'm afraid we're not

Through life and denied wishes
I got you the whole life
Happiness through sad times
Will you still smile?

Somethings grow, somethings die
Phase of movement, phase of time
Don't promise me forever and love
Just grow old together and die.

Friday, May 21, 2010

One thing a friend told me...

While I was online and chatting with my friends...

My not-so-distant-friend suddenly asking me something weird that only me usually asked people...

When I was being asked that question, I felt thrilled at the same time....

It's no a wise choice to venture in the question if you're not ready....

She asked about deja vu and something bout dimension...

Hahahaha...well, Mr. Hawks mesti suke tajuk ni...

I tak penah fikir she will ask that kind of question in the middle of the night...I fikir yang maybe dier ade telan sumtin kot. Risau jugak at that time...

So, you all sure penah dengar bout the infamous deja vu right?

Tengok crite Deja Vu lakonan Denzel Washington tapi I yakin korang xkn puas hati sebab agak berbeza dengan tanggapan yang selalu korang dengar..

The usual deja vu that we experience was something like...when you go to a new place, you have a flash/thought in your mind that you've been there somehow...

Another thing, when you talk with your friends in tea time, suddenly your speeches or your friend's caught up your mind like it has been said before..

Actually, you could list it all yourself...

Is deja vu a fraction of future to come? Scientist all around the world are crazy bout predicting the future because they think, who know the future will hold the world..

But for me, deja vu is only a medium for us to uncover all the secrets that have been implemented in our head since our birth by my case, Allah S.W.T

Why I said this? Then why the hell we could only use our brain for a maximum 10%...(Einstein used 16%)

Where are the other 90%? Slipped under your bed? cakes?

It's inside your mind!!

But can you just dig your mind and find it? NO..wanna die then do that.

You wanna create teleportation machine? it's already in your say it's impossible, no it's difficult not impossible. You wanna create a fast growing plant that provide oxygen? Believe me, it's already in your mind.

Deja vu is not future, it's what inside your mind...scientist use to say, in 10 years time a fully man-robot can be created. Actually they can build it now, it's not the matter of time.

Dimension? Hah...alam bunian and barzakh tuh dimension la.

Nothing it this world is static forever even knowledge...

I learn physic when I was in secondary school and in this topic of atom...

It's said that the electron orbits the proton or neutron (x igt la, lame x revise)

But 1 day, I went to a nobel laureate exhibition...the Nobel prize winner said that electrons didn't orbit the proton and neuron but move randomly because of it's active characteristic.

It was the year 2005, and the syllabus before was? Huhuhuhu...

So, when you venture in something awkward inside sure to choose and manage it properly because you might find something magnificent but if you're not, you might lose your mind.

Don't worry, that's us human...we're capable of handling that kind of measurement.

P.S : Thanks my friend...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Women and what are they?

Women are creation of god with several complexes.

In my religion, it was said that they're created from Adam's left rib bones...

Have you guys seen a human rib bones?

 Yeah..this is it.

All of it connects to the center bones I don't know what it's called. (I'm not good in biology)

If you crush this bones, do you understand how complex your life would be?

And that's what we called women..they really are COMPLEX!

But they never realize it....only my kind realize it truly.

That's why my kind was given 9 intelligences (akal) and 1 desire (nafsu)

To reveal all of their complexes and find any possible solution.

But in life, we've seen pictures where women did all the jobs...
keeping the house clean, taking care of the children and plants, wake up in the morning early and wake up the others etc..

It's like they are the one who has the 9 intelligences, right?


But this so called 'intelligence' or 'akal' not to show whose smarter whose not but how they manage themselves..

Don't understand?

I give an example...

Observe a man and a woman when they are angry...what will come from their mouth first?

Women? Mostly babbling bout this and that and heat things up

Men? They keep quiet but only their face shows it...they'll only act when being tempted.

Try make any of this kind angry..

Most of their life problem consist of my kind themselves...

When you see a girl in a relationship not in the mood, their boyfriend was their problem..believe me.

Not their works, assignments or dateline...these things, they can handle it swiftly.

When women are broken, same like the doctors could possibly 'heal' it. Put any spare part to it, it will never works the same.

The result? They became hookers, smoking and take drug, alcoholic and could become really2 mean.

The center bone actually represent man...without the center bone, would a rib called rib?

Maybe you need to find a new name that's all..

So, a woman needs a man no matter how successful they are..they can't live alone or better said they can't be left to live alone.

I've seen a woman being hurt by her ex-bf, she will whine all day and say bad words bout him...

But at the end, she still crying and says she needs him...because personally as man, I would say, "Fuck him and find other man, BETTER one"

Another example, a woman told me that her ex-bf never care bout her feelings and all that...

But in the end, she still wonder whether by talking or consulting to me will hurt his feelings

They said, it's because of LOVE....I agree but why should you whine?

When they whine, they will never find a better man...when they didn't find, they'll say ALL MEN are the same.

Please, quit don't like it because when you're whining you will make an attraction bout how mess their life would be if they spend their life with you

You're hurt by that man, go to him...slap him or something.

When you're whining, at first there will be any person who care and ask bout it, you tell them and they give advice because they expect for you to at least come up with something.

But in my experiences, they never planning to listen...they only wanted to be listened.

The next day? You will see them whining again, again and again...

Women really are complex.

It's a job for my kind to protect them from being broken, and my kind supposedly to be strong...

It's not so easy to break the center bones right? To kill someone easily, just hit their ribs so hard and see what happen..if you keep hitting on the middle it will give you some time before actually succeed

But what happen if the center bone fragile?

The ribs will lose hope!!

A woman counting on a man for her life but the man deceive her and turn her life down...

Then it's not a man, and not a center bone..

But you know, we're not here to judge but to help each other...the mistake we make that we judge each other.

Without the ribs, a person could not live...

Same with us, without women...we will perish without glory and pride!

Men, hating their kind for they are weak will bring us nothing...we are here to make them feel strong from inside out. Help them don't let them lose hope because of us...

Women, quit judging our kind. If there's something you're not sure bout our kind...ask the one who make you feel like that, not other guy not your brother or even your friend...why I said like that?

Because when you asked them you will say like this "kenape LELAKI suke bohong ek?" "Kenapa LELAKI suke buat I macam ni?"...What do you think that MAN would feel?

When you ask the exact person, "kenapa Edy suke bohong ek?" "kenape Edy suke buat I macam ni?"

You will find the truth....

By the way...complicated and complex are 2 different words actually.

Women are complex not complicated....complex is natural, complicated is made. Got it?

Hehehehe....that's why I love them, we should love them because we understand them.

They love us too but they feel hurt because they understand little bout us. So guys, teach them slowly...

I wish you all, men and women..good luck!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Day Has Come Again


Today is the sign of my life has passed 22 years...

Another 8 years I wil be 30 years old..

8 seems so far but I thought of 22 years old would be far away when I was 17..

I 'm a free person...I got to make decision on my own

Find my own income, buid a family, build an empire, I could go to club if I wanted, (strip club if there's any), I have the right to choose my nationality, eligible for voting, joining the politic..

But I'm asking myself, what's so great of growing old while u have a lot to do in your mind but you feel you got only a little time to do it?

Basically, I'm still the same person when I was 18...

Those who know me, could you really tell which part did I change? (except for my weight la)


Sometimes, I wonder does Mr. Hawks realy think I'm a genius or he just wanna make a mockery of me?

Because past 22 years, I did almost NOTHING to the world of even my family...

If next 8 years I might be able to do it, will they be there to witness it?

This day will come again if God's willing and I will keep track of my life during this day, 24 hours given..

Now, I'm left with only 8 hours......................................

Saturday, May 8, 2010

4A07 and 4A15

No di atas adalah rumah aku kat PP...

well sebab sistem no ni senang igt maa...membuatkan aku terlupe rumah2 aku mase sem 3 ke bawah...

4A07 pun aku duduk sebelum tukar name lg tapi tetap aku lupe name lame dier...wakakaka

Ape yg specialnye 2 rumah ni weh?

Ni adalah tempat pertemuan genius2 sejati dowk...

Pada awl, penghuni 4A07 terdiri daripada Ahmad Akmal, Din, Ein and Nashriq..

Diorg semua ni genius weh...

Tapi yg plg genius?? of course ar si Akmal tuh.

Dier berjaya menggodeh internet laman A tuh membuatkan 1 rumah dapat access internet x kire mase. (internet biasenye on mlm waktu tuh)

Din? Peh..try ar borak ngn dier

Ein? Mr. Printing Company

Nashriq? Genius bahagian 'lain'

Akmal roomate aku kt bilik A setelah diminta bertukar oleh Nashriq. Dier x tahan sebab idea Akmal ni gempak2 dowh...

So, aku la jd mangse dier seterusnye...

Aku mmg segan dgn Akmal ni yg mendapat jolokan imam gangster bawak JFJ langgar Pak Brahim...wakakaka acah maak enon

Oh...x lame lps tuh genius baru masuk rumah. Kader, abg seangkatan si Akmal ni. Dier yg banyak ajar aku psl komputer2 ni.

Tapi imam2 pn, mmg sengal dowh mamat ni...dier suke menyanyi and sedap plak tuh suare dier.

Kiteorg psg LAN and layang DOTA jek ar...kuang3

Mase ni kiteorg masih lg JPK, that's y dpt duk 4A07..

Generasi seterusnye, aku dpt rumah yg same hasil pertolongan Akmal, bilik yg sama kipas yg sama loker yg same, well..gne bilik air yg same.

Genius2? Din dah grad begitu juga dengan Kader, Ein sambung master...

Tapi dtg genius baru gak namenye Hassan.

Genius dlm bidang wanita n percakapan...kui3 (mamat ni cute n hensem kot, ramai tibe2 baik ngn aku sebab tau aku housemate dier..oh, n dier MPP IS)

Mase ni genius Akmal ade buat bisnes print..laku gak ar, dier psg CISS tuh jimat.

Tp kiteorg dh kurang berDOTAan..masing2 semakin bz...Hassan sibuk dgn Plant Vs Zombie dier tuh. Ah lupe, genius baru lagi.

Raja Ahmad Saifulnizam....genius relationship kate org. (Akmal pn mintak khidmat nasihat dier)

Lame aku dgn Akmal bertapak kt 4A07 tuh...kite biase dgr, roomate la selalu bergaduh biasenye tapi aku jrg bergaduh dgn Akmal. Terase2 tuh normal la kn...

Aku x mkn, dier bwk mknn...aku boring dier ajak main dota...bile dier giler, dier ajak aku pegi Genting pukul 4 pagi..jahanam dowh otak si Akmal ni.

Segale awek2 Akmal aku knal..chewaah!! termasuk lagu yg dier suke dgr n tiap2 hari dier msti psg..

Andai Dapat Ku Undur Masa - AXL
Careless Whisper - George Michael
Kejoraku Bersatu - Search
Tiada Rahsia Antara Kita - Wings

Last sem, kiteorg sekali lg digandingkan tp bkn kt 4A07 tp 4A15...

Genius baru??

Niko and Didie

Niko ni mmg smart haram, ko kutuk ar dier cmne pn pn last2 ko yg sakit hati...sbb??

Dier akan senyum jek dowh....pakai komputer tercanggih abad kini processor i5 beb!! suke main COH n Tropico 3.

Didie? Genius bz nk mampos, kire genius 'hantu' ar dlm rumah ni..mcm ade mcm xde...weee

Akmal? well..tetap roomate aku kt bilik A la. (aku rase sure dier boring giler dgn aku)

Haru-biru kt 4A15? same ar mcm 4A07...sbb si Akmal ni ade.

Well...last time aku tgk dua2 bilik tuh, aku tersenyum lebar and aku bg penghormatan kepada genius2 yg penah aku knal.

Rumah aku yg lain sebelum dua rumah ni pn ok gk ar dgn bilik B, bersebelah dgn bilik air. Kalau org x tutup paip, hbs bilik aku basah penuh air...Fizy ar yg rajin lap2 kn air tuh, kt bilik tuh ar gak laptop kesayangan dier yg slalu psg lagu Kembali Senyum khas utk aku (sebab aku suke lagu tuh) hilang kene curi dgn kawan baik dier, ironi sungguh beb! Tapi aku lupe lokasi rumah tuh mane satu, serius! That's y aku x tulis, rumah part 1 aku tau lokasinye tapi aku lupe name or no rumah tuh..

Jgn fokus sgt dgn pengalaman x baik beb, sbb nnti kepale sakit  n cepat tua!

Jumpe lg weeee...

Proper Goodbyes


Setiap kali kite berada dalam satu fasa hidup (sekolah rendah, menengah, matrik, Uni or kursus2 singkat)

Kite akan face goodbye with each other yang berada dalam fasa yang sama...

To tell you the truth, not at all of the person in the same phase with you...likes u a lot.

Some will detest you and you also detested them...seems like a never ending story.

Tapi whatever situation yg kite hadapi dengan mereka, kite perlu bagi mereka 'proper goodbye'

It's necessary....

Aku sendiri telah melalui beberapa fasa hidup and aku dapat katakan bahawa aku banyak membuat improper goodbye.

Ape bezanya proper and improper actually?

X kire la sama ade org yg kite berpisah tuh kawan atau musuh kite, we must face them and say goodbye properly.

Orang akan kata, "Aih, dengan musuh pun nak cakap goodbye?" 

Hurm...sedar x sedar, musuh kite tuh dulunye kite knal. Klu bukan kite anggap dier kawan pn, mungkin dier anggap kite kawan cume kerana masalah dalaman masing2 kite tidak sehaluan.

Aku bukan orang yang terbaik kt dunia ni maka aku x layak nak cakap siapa baik siapa tidak...kebaikan bagi aku ade tafsiran tersendiri begitu juga dengan setiap orang yang lain.

Aku sedar bnda ni apabila aku selesai di matrikulasi, aku tengok fasa sebelum ni..banyak improper goodbye yang telah aku buat kerana sakit hati punya pasal..

Well...itu x patut aku lakukan.

Improper goodbye lazimnye goodbye yang sedia terjadi, habis semester or sekolah and korang terus balik tnpa cakap ape2 dengan orang dalam fasa yang sama.

Ataupun goodbye yg korang ckp dalam sms or telephone...

Setelah selesai di UiTM,

Aku dpt listkan improper goodbye yang telah aku buat semester ni dengan orang yg aku bersama dalam UiTM.

Ruzanna Part 5
Ahmad Akmal Mr. Hawks Genius Sejati
Noor Akmal 
Makcik Cleaner Laman A Blok 4
Nad Part 5
Iki Ali Part 2
Ery Part 2
Ikmal Part 2
Ili Fazrin Part 2
Shah Part 2
Fatrim Part 5
Maznie Mazalan Part 4
Ulfah Nasihah Part 4
Zee Part 4
Asmah Account Part 4
Alynn Sayoka Part 4
Pija Account Part 4
Meor Account Part 4
Aina Anith IS Part 6
Ahmad Idzdihar (Didie)
Azuan Haris (Asuang)
Aizat Azam
Rizuan Apple
Liyana Baharem Part 6
Farrahin Anuar Part 6
Abdul Hadi Part 6
Faheszi Mahat Part 6
Nurul Amiera Part 6
Nur Syahidah Part 6
Norafiza Part 6
Tengku Nur Afiqah Part 6
Azrith Sofia Part 6
R. Shamfa Part 5
Fais Faudzi Part 6
Zack Part 2
Khairul Izzat Part 6
Azura Part 6
Nurul Ain IS Part 3
Sheila IS 
Ajim Part 1
Umi Hamira Part 1
Athirah Part 3
Nur Liyana Sarah Yusoff Part 3
Yumni Part 3
M Part 3
Bear2 Part 3

Sapo lagi? tapi list2 ni adalah orang2 yang agak kerap berjumpa pada awal2 tetapi x dpt jumpe plak di saat aku nak balik. huhuhu

Ikutkan aku ade banyak lagi...gedegang!! teruk seyh aku ni.

Proper goodbye cukup dgn jumpe dier berdepan and cakap "bye, goodbye" ucapan good luck ke ape ke x perlu sgt sebenarnye.

Klu kite menyampah ngn org tuh or mungkin org tuh menyampah dgn kite, xkan kite nak membebel lebih2 kn?

Cukup a simple goodbye or selamat tinggal.

Yang peliknye, staf kolej Puncak Perdana yang aku jarang masuk or rapat skali pun...aku dapat bagi diorg proper goodbye hampir kesemuanya.

P.S : Mr. Genius, goodbye bro!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010



I'm not in this world to be an enemy....

But if u insist of me being one, u can try.


I'm not in this world to fulfill ur needs

But still if u insist on me to do that, I'll try my best


I'm not in this world to hear u say this is wrong this right

But I'm still listening to everything u say and take note of it


I'm not in this world to teach...

But I prefer the word sharing..