Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There's a story of a young newly wed....

Mustafa and Lina have been married for almost 3 years, granted with 2 lovely kids...

Both of them love each other, and they were happy, a happy family...

But until one day, the going gets tough...Mustafa get promoted and Lina's boutique business blooms like a flower.

They less communicate and seldom spend their time with children....

Mustafa get to know a lot of friends and so do Lina...

Words spread fast like virus, both of them eventually got in a fight...all that they have been building crumbled piece by piece.

After too much fight, they decided a very harsh finally separated!!

Oh my......they'll leave both of their children into the brink of despair.

Why in the world 3 minutes of 'story' destroying the castle they build for 3 years? 

Napoleon is also not that good in conquering their castle...but why 3 minutes?

They did not RATIONALIZE, they put their 'story' to far ahead their thoughts...BLOCKING everything.

The one that they trust once, become their enemy...and their children suffer the consequences.

SEPARATED and DIVORCE, do you think both of this words the same?

SEPARATED = you have the same feeling but u still have a declaration for you to hold on and keep on believing, your children will see that you are a happy parents even though you're not.

DIVORCE = you have the same feeling WITHOUT a declaration, your children will lose hope...

My dear friend, in any relationship u ever encounter in your wonderful life....u need to be rationalized.

Be it friendship, couples, coursemate, housemate, buddy, colleague, employer-employee....

You might be strong to handle it, but you never know how your children will finally accept it...they may not as strong as you.

THINK, and it never kills to do so....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Day My Friend

Hallo saye Leo.


Ok...aku nak bgtau korg.

Sebagai seorg lelaki ok, nafsu aku sentiase kepada wanita dan tarikan aku adalah sentiase kepada mereka...

Zaman single pernah di terminate, now zaman single aku kembali activate.

Aku memang PENIPU besar ar klu aku cakap aku x inginkan belaian wanita, dapat msg2 diorg tiap hari, kuar dating, tgk wyg, bercumbu mesra bukan?

YES I DO, I DO WANT THAT....aku bkn jenis disebabkan aku xde gf, aku nak pastikan korg pun xde gf/bf, itu stupid namenye ok.

Hey...single ni cabaran dier hebat gak tau di mana tuhan akan 'sajikan' mata korang degan kehadiran wanita2 yang MEMANG ko nak tp most of the time He will let u fail. Dier akan tunjukkan korg psgn2 couple yg b'kasih mesra...TOLONG jgn tipu diri sendri ok, sekiranye korg rse meluat mkne sbnrnye jauh disudut hati korg mencemburui keadaan itu. Tipu aku xpe, xde effect ngn aku pny...

Walaupun pengalaman bercinta aku x byk, tp yg ade boleh concludekan segalenye ttg bnda ni...

Aku just nak bgtau/kongsi....sekiranya korg seorg yg tabah, aku mmg sokong sekiranya korg memilih utk bercinta skrg. Yes, enjoy ur young age like we used 2 say.

Tapi korg kene tgk n nilai sama ade pasangan korg pn turut tabah...salah sorg slack, x tahan lame pny. Percayelah...korg tabah pn tapi dok asik dgr partner korg ngomel sane2 sini, last2 korg yg kesian ngn dier tgk asik nangis jek psl korg padahal belum langsung lg, belum ade anak lagi, tanggungjawab br seciput dh mcm ni pny sedih.

Ramai yg tny knape aku single aku jwb la...n then aku tny diorg balik, knape diorg couple?

Skema jawapan :

1. Nak kenal hati budi
2. Prepare dulu takut salah buat keputusan
3. Indah kot couple ni, dunia buleh tembus wooo
4. Saje nak enjoy, x bleh ar single2 ni cliche sgt nmpk org kate nnti

Ikut turutan ok darjah kekerapan jawapan yg aku dgr...
Aku wish diorg happiness, seeing people happy buat aku gelak kaw2 pny...
Dulu aku jeles bile dgr member2 aku couple tapi sekarang tidak lagi...aku jelez tgk org yg dah kawin.

Kawin tanggungjawab dier besar...BETUL.
Tanggungjawab mane2 pn bagi aku besar, korg kuar ngn member sekalipun korg still ade tanggungjawab. Klu korg naik keta dier naik bas, xnk hntr xpe tp korg make sure dier balik dulu sblm korg (dpn bas or lrt) balik sbb keadaan korg senang, keadaan sedikit sukar. X salah kan? x kan bile dier dh kat hospital br terase besar tanggungjawab korg?

Aku xmo cakap aku ni baik...n aku pun xmo korg cakap aku camtuh.

JUST make sure hidup korang happy boleh? X happy jgn ar tunjuk terang2 sgt, call family or kawan utk crite...korg downgrade diri sendri bile cerita how sucks ur relationship, sbb awal2 korg akan megah2 sayang sane sini mcm dunia ni korg yg pny, org akan jelez...percayelah, meluat pn ade. So bile korg crite kegagalan relationship korg terang2an? Diorg GELAK for God sake. Do everything moderately...

Aku manusia yg turut berase sedih...most people say something like "ko cakap senang ar, cube kalau kau kene"

That's why I didn't choose tht way 4 now...ramai yg aku berkenan, comel lotte, baik peramah, segale mcm package ade...Go to them to tell "would u be my gf?" I think I don't know...

Lagi cool n respectable bagi aku, dah cukup matang simpanan perkahwinan....confident korg akan mengalahkan setiap lelaki yg ade, klu pompuan yg ko minat tuih ade bf, bf dier dgn machonye akan terase nak pukul ko ar n show yg dier mmg jantan. Tapi dgn duit simpanan korg td, u are a better cause n should be reconsider. Bf dier couple lame2 duit pn  belum tentu terkumpul gak, lame2 msing2 bosan n claim "x serasi" as a result ble clash. Spjg couple duit expenses tuh patutnye dh bleh buat kawin dah rsenye....kate btul2 cinta kan? alasan si lelaki, dier mintak hantaran tinggi sgt...lmbt sikit ar.

*Katekan korg dah kumpul duit 25k just utk kawin, u bring this money to that girl u always like and say something like this...

Miss X, I mmg dah lame minat ngn u, and I wanna be serious with u...
Mr Y, I'm sorry but I'm already taken (dgn muke kerek ar)
(Mr. X dgn muke selamba keluarkan cek)
I have already prepared, not to be ur serious BOYFRIEND but I want to make u my wife 1 day. Hopefully we can start it with a friendship as I know u can't make decision this early but with this MONEY we can get married ANYTIME we like even though u didn't agree now.

Surely u have shown this girl that u got GUTS n u r REALLY SERIOUS, it's better if u tell her if u could befriended her bf. Show her that man never steal but they just can't resist attraction. Eventually u r testing her bf seriousness, and if he hasten his steps and eventually work hard on saving to marry her. Do u got anything to lose? NO...u befriended both right? they got married bcoz of u, u dah sayang tht girl 4 sure...wouldn't u be happier seeing tht she's finally secure and not broken? If her bf withdraw, she will be yours...tht man losing? no..he stops giving her false hope.


Guys, I can explain better through conversation but through writing I have to make sure u understand thing by things. That's why my post usually longer...sorry.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reminiscent for a while...

Well guys....

dah lama sungguh rasenye x menulis/menaip kat blog...

It's because I was busy with appointment this and that, meeting and so on...

Definitely what move me to spare some time to write is because I would like to share some opinion with u guys.

As I was washing my clothes before, I was singing a song....I keep on singing and switch between song.

Suddenly something caught my mind, it was the lyric of the song, the LOVE song.

Each song I sing refer to something we called LOVERS.

Well, LOVERS = KEKASIH right if it is a Malay song?

So, I've been reminiscent all my past experiences and also my friends'....

WE were all hurt by love and why the hell is that?

Come to think back to the square one, why do people involve in RELATIONSHIP if they already know it hurts so much?

Some of the 'clever' one always say something like 'single is better'....

But in my own opinion, BOTH is no more better than each other...the own who said that was just an escapism for their own incapabilities to handle it, believe'll notice it when one day that person fall in love.

Ok...what I'm trying to actually convey here, haven't you realize where is your position?

Kite pernah dengar kan cinta yang kekal hanya kepada tuhan right? well, I'm trying to be religious but I'm trying to open up your mind a bit to actually reduce your potential pain.

Kite dengar kebanyakan lagu cinta they are referring to KEKASIH right? Ape itu kekasih?

I ask you guys personally, why do you have BF/GF? To make your future partner that accompany you the rest of your life right a.k.a HUSBAND/WIFE?

I can only name 2 songs that refer to your noble cause...1. Pada Syurga Di Wajahmu. 2. Kopratasa song (x ingat lak tajuk ape)

I wanna ask you PERSONALLY, is it necessary to have 'illegal' declaration before you actually married?

I got several answer mostly sounded like this..."nak kenal hati budi dulu"

You are right, not wrong at all....but can't you know it by actually be FRIENDS jek?

Do you think it's really good to know a lot about 1 person huh?

My personal experience...NO

Ok to me, KEKASIH is rightfully for our beloved prophet and God BECAUSE doesn't matter how much your love for them, you CAN'T marry them right? But do you fail at the end by loving them that much? NO

You put the word KEKASIH on your bf/gf TOO much, the one that you're supposed to marry...tell me what's the result??

Guys, by some words it's doesn't look harming at all but actually it does!!

Love song is tempting but it somehow twisting our belief system and perception without we noticed...

My grandfather used to tell me, NEVER tell your love one that you love them TOO much....

I wonder why but judging from his relationship with my late grandmother, I understand now....

Allah loves to test you....when you said that you love your BF/GF forever and ever, and when they cheated you. You curse them...

Totally it's a FAKE, not just them but implemented on YOU too...

Guys, don't waste your energy crying and defending something not GUARANTEED...

You still have a lot to cheat your gf, or your bf is a playboy, does that make you doom for hell? ade jatuh hukum derhaka ke weh??

Lain la kalau you change that GF = WIFE, BF = HUSBAND.....then you can worry!

What wonderful about not being attached that you can still look around, and pick case you intended to go further, make sure it's not GF/BF relationship...proceed to MARRIAGE, kalau duit x cukup..then kumpul duit dulu.

Ade duit.....GF orang pun korang bleh amik ar. Logically, u intended for something noble, married and get children. GF/BF? can have children huh? CAN..and then buang kat tong sampah.

Well...I don't say my method and opinion is ALWAYS right, it's up to you. You got your own brain, u're not satisfied or need explanation. I'm here.

GF/BF relationship is for someone that's strong, I am not but I do need love like others. It's better to me by telling that person I like her and she likes me. We get to know each other without DECLARATION, she is free to befriend any handsome guys out there and eventually get hooked up, and also am I. When the money is enough in the pocket. She's not married and so am I, then I proceed with my intention of marrying her.

With this I somehow reduce my pain up to 80%...(dah macam mathematician lak)

So...good luck guys.

Kepada yang dah couple, cepat2 kawin....couple terlalu lame ni bawak dengki orang..

Kepada yang belum, don't deny things...we all need love and somebody but doesn't mean you have to find a BF/GF. Kumpul duit dulu x kira ar 10 sen ke setiap hari, kalau x penah menyimpan jangan mimpi la nak tunggu keje baru nak menyimpan, couple 10 tahun pun ranap nanti.