Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wish That I Fall In Love

She was always there
Waiting at the love gate
Guess that I wasn’t aware
What she felt wasn’t hate

Wish that I fall in love
With her that care for me
I wonder if she’s the true love
That understood the nature of me

She said all the kind words
To fill every single days of mine
If I ever stranded in the woods
I’ll have her in mind

Wish that I fall in love
With her that sang for me
I’ll sacrifice for her love
But she’s not for me

She did her best
Making sure I’m in good shape
She got me out of the mess
With her I wouldn’t weep

Wish that I fall in love
With her that always there for me
If I ever lost her love
There’s nothing left for me

P.S: This is a poem for my friend that I cared but something seems not gonna happen.
Feel free to read..

Just For You

My mind ahead was closed
I feel I couldn’t get through
I left myself untraceable
Feel empty without you

I walked on this narrow street
I wished my feelings were true
I ended up in a bottomless pit
Feeling lonely without you

My world seems quiet
As I may nothing to you
There were some things I’m not adroit
They’re my feeling towards you

My affection towards you were endless
I’m just waiting on a cue
Although you may think I’m mindless
It never changes what I think of you

I dream of a better reality
It’s done when I get you
If you wish for sincerity
I could make it up to you

I could hardly sleep
When I’m far away from you
I’ll take the longest leap
Just to show how much I love you

P.S: I wrote this poem for somebody special I met in the internet for her birthday