Sunday, January 20, 2013

Of Smokes & Women

Of smokes and women
A confuse thought
A false treatment
On an empty boat
Storming the strong current

Starved with shady hope
The illusionist’s experience
Manipulatively kind and sore
When truths are stranger than thoughts

Sweet and adorable smile
To fake it until the end
How long can you hide
For it can never be bent

Heavy carriage on narrow tracks
Slumber deep into the jungle
Smooth, slipping in through cracks
Hoping things to get even

To be with this friend
Seen but no exact character
Believing it can put an end
Making your life looks better.

Tell me while I’m here
I’m no hoax, no shadow
There’s nothing to fear
For I’m not your sorrow

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tattoo On The Butt

I saw her strolling 
Blindly across the streets
She passed me by 
And I said hi

Oh she’s so bold
Made my blood runs cold
With that look in her eyes
Struck me with a thunderbolt

She turned around aggressively
Whispered faintly to my ears
“Hey, I got tattoo on my butt”
“You wanna go for a ride?”

I laughed so hard
Who knows I was actually sinking
The smell of the Vanilla
Reminds me of the ice cream

She just smiled sincerely
With her pinky-winky lips
She asked if she dressed properly
In her gorgeous pink-pale dress

Girl, you are beautiful not
But you touched my heart deep
Believing you’re not that hot
That’s the feeling I no longer keep.