Saturday, February 19, 2011

Khas untuk wanita (sebenarnye x brape khas la)

Orite guys...

I'm back.

Ok..this post literally meant for women but please read it carefully ok before you go haywire.

Once upon a time there was a friend of mine told me this...and it gave some pausing moment of thinking whether what she said is true.

She told me, "I tengok sume pompuan yang u suke or minat jenis2 yg free hair"

For actually she's not the only one who told me that before...

So I'm thinking...thinking...thinking...

I told her it's true...because all the girls tht I've shown her were that type.

But doesn't mean that's the type I'm going to marry...

I told her, I evaluated a woman to what she said and answered...

And then my friend suddenly went blur.....(nah, she's not the first one)

I told her a story...(a story in a story)

There once a friend of mine, a woman....

In college, she used to wear hijab and perfectly covered....wonderful.

But one day, by Allah's will I spotted her in a karaoke box...and all gone!!

No hijab plus sexy attire....and she saw me.

She tried to stay calm, but I knew that she's might be thinking I'm going to hate her forever.

(actually I thought of nothing at that time)

Then she came to me and said sumtin like this....

"Actually I mmg macam ni dr dulu..."

Oh...u know what? tht words struck my mind like a virus and turned into rage.

I told my other friend, "klau kite ni mmg golongan org yg baik, jadi truskan jadi baik. Kalau kite ni mmg teruk pun teruskan, x pyah pura2 sbb kite akan akn menambah dosa org lain bercerita"

So actually, I'm not mad with her because of her changes of appearance BUT because of what she said to cover her sins...THAT is not smart for a lady!!

She could simply come to me and say, sorry Leo for you to meet me in this condition differently from what u usually see. I realized it's wrong....SUDAH. settle! I told my earlier friend, it doesn't matter whether that a woman wearing hijab or not as my partner...

Because in the end, it's my job to guide her to the very best way, as long we're in the world we never know are we in the 'best' position.

Jangan memandang seorg lelaki yang menginginkan seorang wanita yg kelihatan seperti kurang didikan agama, hatinya turut gelap...cinta itu adalah pilihan, biar pun itu di arrange oleh keluarga or tidak. pilihan itu tetap ade.

A woman is a very special creature with delicate matter, to be with them is to support and guide them...

Not simply because of their beauty....but thinking!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh...what happened?


This blog seriously in a very critical condition...

Even Madmal's follower will surely beaten me up + no. of comment that he always received.


Yeah...maybe my contents are still out of this world I guess. hahahha


Let me share something with u guys that I bet MOST of u didn't quite clear yet.

As a financial consultant..

I service people ANYTHING bout financial...

Be it saving, investment, properties, financing, protection and will (wasiat)

But for now, I would to share with u bout protection.

PROTECTION consists of

1. Life
2. Medical
3. Accident
4. Critical illness

All of these are different from each other...even though they are in the same family name called INSURANCE.

Malaysian people who acquire insurance not more than 70% since the first financial company ever existed in Malaysia compare to Japan bout 600%.

The very understandable concept of insurance is CAR INSURANCE because it's compulsory for anyone who want to buy a vehicle.

Let me picture u this ok...

If you involve in an it ur car or motorcycle

You can claim money to repair your car.

But what about you? Your hand cannot simply send to the hospital to be 'repaired'...

Your medical bills? I got the very famous answer...(go to Hospital Kerajaan la!!)

Tell you what, even though u can see going to the GH is 'free'..

But NOT all of you are lucky enough.


Life protection covers u if DEATH or TOTAL PERMANENT DISABILITY (TPD) happened.

Hv u ever watch Bersamamu? the program for the unfortunate?

Not all of them were actually 'poor' from the start...

One of the best reason is that...the family source of income is *pooofff* gone!!

Because of death or disability  of the people who get the income for the family.

After that, the family members that survive still have to pay for the rent, food, school and even car.

But the income is not there anymore....

Medical protection cover for you hospital bills, Accident if any accident happen n Critical illness if any 36 critical illnesses struck the person insured.

Got it so far?

For insurance you have to save an amount of your money to any RESPECTABLE insurance company.

In this I recommend AXA AFFIN.

The premium (amount) depends on the person age, the older the person, the higher premium they hv 2 save.

Life, Accident and Critical Illness premium will never change BUT Medical will change accordingly to your age.

So, it's a VERY good idea to have insurance while u are still young because the premium is much lower.

Guys, no matter how high is your income...if u never take chance to protect ur finance, all that you gain will lost hope in the end.

What cause of not taking this seriously? take a look at my arm and hand.

This happened on 3rd March 2010

3 months before I know anything bout protection...

Now my hands full of scar as per operation to remove the scar are about RM1000++

So...I hope there's no other 'ME' after you read this ok?