Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 Years

Assalamualaikum W.B.T
greetings to all my beloved readers

It's been a while we haven't meet here...

I do believe this virtual world kinda missing me as its population.


Quick updates about me.

I already continue pursuing my degree

In the same old faculty 

Different courses, different name.


As predicted I might going to be in this faculty for 3 years...

It's just a number some of you might say,

It even occurs to my sane mind right now.

But the [3 years] term somehow trigger something else in my mind.

It reminds me of my dear beloved father...

He's 60 right now.

[Hensem macam aku gak kan?]

By the 3 years period, he will reach 63 years old.

You know that our beloved prophet Muhammad S.A.W passed away at the age of 63?

It's not that I'm requesting for something bad to happen...

I once heard an old man said on his 64 years old birthday.

"To be able being alive at this age is a bonus, while even our beloved prophet passed away on 63"

I realized how time really flies...

Within 3 years,

Anything can happen.

People will continue to tell me,

"Be patient"

I always pray to Allah, asking for an extension...

I'm really afraid my option for extensions somehow reaching its expiry date.

I was broken into pieces but somehow I put it back into one piece.
I build my characteristic...

As strong as I can...
Just like a stronghold that couldn't be penetrated.

Life is not a trading business which you can simply trade and Allah is definitely not our customer
That we can ask,

"Please exchange mine with him"

He wouldn't let me do that if he ever knew the game of the trade.

Every songs I listen, I sing...

Will always remind me of him,

He's the one who shape me on what song I listen....

As his first son,

I never think that I ever make him proud enough...

And right now I was like rushing to grab the fastest way, the fastest track...

And tell myself,

"Hang on, hang on"

Constrained and pressured like a tin can.

I hope that Allah grant me His blessing in everything I do...

Show me the path of success....

Cleanse my heart from a terrible worry and hatred.

Dear Ayah....

I know sometimes we don't share the same thoughts

But we both share the same feeling of love.

I love you