Monday, September 14, 2009

Writing a book?

Being 21 years old....

I glanced at my past...recall back who am I when I was a kid.

I smile....I proceed to next stage, I smile again.

I stopped for a while when viewing my life as a secondary school student.

I try to hesitate but yet, I smile too...

then came my dark time, dark isn't usually bad because I still survive.

I smile...

And the present, I smile...

you know what, it's what I become today giving me the ability to smile.

If I'm still the old Leo, I don't think I will able to smile.

Yesterday, when break fasting with 'fate'...

I think my mind will evolve again that helps me step-by-step accomplishing my goals.

so far, I haven't told you guys what are my current goals right? yeah...I'll tell IF only you are REALLY interested.

As I reached 21, I somehow realized my brain kinda downloading 'subject' from time to time.

"my words getting harsher"
"my weight stay put"
"not easy to get angry"
"principles slipped"
"craving for conversation"
"tends to refuse"

whatever I've changed, it's not synchronized.

lately I got into trouble in managing the 'subject'...

so, I tell some of the 'subjects' to a selected few but not to boast myself but helping myself organize it. These 'subjects' need to be stored.

1 of my close friend, suggested me a brilliant idea.

He suggested me to write it down and put all effort and make a book!


But 'fate' somehow spicing it up and I found a better approach for myself and those goals.

it's getting better day by day.

But 1 thing I wonder, whether my mind or my soul could sustain such 'subject' in a long period?

For better or worse, I should start working..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The One That Seem Far

Another glimpse of sunshine
Stroke my eyes in the morning
I was searching for a sign
But there wasn’t one in my findings

Her shadow hid behind mine
It’s difficult for me to identify
She’s far so kind
So I have no obligation to defy

I tried catching a glance of her
As she seems so far
Little that I realize she was near
When I did, she’s already soar

It was a sudden moment for me and her
To never know our feelings to each other
Wishing we could get together
Holding our hands forever

I don’t know if I rather stay this way
For there’s not known what to do
I pray for a constructive answer to say
And I wonder if she thought like that too

As I was doing nothing here
She was another step further
The closer I tried to reach her
The more my steps became dither

I believe we get to meet each other
Although those days were gloomy
I must overcome my fear
Or my days won’t be sunny

P.S: This is my latest poem that I gave to somebody I like. He3 feel free to read and use it.