Friday, January 11, 2013

A Heavy Steps

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Rindukan aku tak?

Well, to tell the truth.
I really miss you guys.

Sharing thoughts have been the best way for me to convey my ideas and eventually see what are other people's thinking.

Since long enough I'd stopped writing here, 
I could see that my life phase move slow because of my ideas has been heavily compressed inside my mind.

(in other words, system lagging)

Last month,
I finally have the courage to finally deactivate my twitter account.
(I've deactivated it twice before)

To tell you what,
All of the social networking works like a drug on you.
It's the same thing people fighting over dangerously like the cigarette..

but less people realize it.

Oh and this doesn't apply on twitter only.
I still have my facebook account.
I'm still trying to muster up strength to finally deactivate it one fine day.

let's get back to Twitter and why?

1 strong reason that give courage to deactivate it,

Twitter slowly altering my messed up character.

WHAT that can be true???

Let me tell you a little about Twitter.

It's a website supposedly flashing under the [networking] flag.

To help you stay connected to family, friends, fans and everyone related to your life.

Sound interesting right?

Because of this I started signing up for an account.

[to be urbanized and up to date to the current trend]


I might come back to Twitter one day,

ONLY when my character is strong enough.

Hey I think most of you have an account there right?

You've seen the people inside?

All of the people claiming that they're truthful in the real life,

But you can see what they said in Twitter is totally different?

This is actually a modern-type personality disorder...

{no that can't be}

Spending time with twitter almost everyday, every moment was fun for me...

Little that I know I begin to create several personality virtually...

At one point, I'm a very powerful speaker,
A love doctor,
A scholar,
A comedian,
A religious person.

The truth is that you're lost...
you think that by log in to Twitter is simply for fun.
But actually it became an obligation, a life rule to finally complete your so called character for that day.

Your mind believe that and I know I won't win this kind of argument with you, because you don't realize the truth.

For people to know you,
They have to follow you on Twitter, be friend with you on Facebook..
simply because your character will always change...
and it's safer...

That's what you and I believe...

Oh I'm writing this kind of thing,
Not launching a campaign to deactivate your Twitter account.

I'm just saying,
Preserve your character,
If what you said in Twitter is exactly the thing you did in real life...
Go on.
If you hate a person and you tell them straight to their face and not only in Twitter...
Go on.
If you disagree a point and you call them and discuss privately...not in Twitter without their presence.
Go on.

Value your character.
You lost your character, you'll lost everything

And Twitter is not an obligation for you to have one, regardless of advancement of technology.
It's just you.

I hope you guys be careful.

See ya!!

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