Friday, January 18, 2013

Tattoo On The Butt

I saw her strolling 
Blindly across the streets
She passed me by 
And I said hi

Oh she’s so bold
Made my blood runs cold
With that look in her eyes
Struck me with a thunderbolt

She turned around aggressively
Whispered faintly to my ears
“Hey, I got tattoo on my butt”
“You wanna go for a ride?”

I laughed so hard
Who knows I was actually sinking
The smell of the Vanilla
Reminds me of the ice cream

She just smiled sincerely
With her pinky-winky lips
She asked if she dressed properly
In her gorgeous pink-pale dress

Girl, you are beautiful not
But you touched my heart deep
Believing you’re not that hot
That’s the feeling I no longer keep.

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