Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just For You


My mind ahead was closed
I feel I couldn’t get through
I left myself untraceable
Feel empty without you

I walked on this narrow street
I wished my feelings were true
I ended up in a bottomless pit
Feeling lonely without you

My world seems quiet
As I may nothing to you
There were some things I’m not adroit
They’re my feeling towards you

My affection towards you were endless
I’m just waiting on a cue
Although you may think I’m mindless
It never changes what I think of you

I dream of a better reality
It’s done when I get you
If you wish for sincerity
I could make it up to you

I could hardly sleep
When I’m far away from you
I’ll take the longest leap
Just to show how much I love you

P.S : currently listening to Michael Jackson's -They Don't Care About Us-

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