Friday, November 11, 2011

Can I follow you?

Dear my sweet
As much as I'm longing to see you smile
As we're never going to meet
We're getting far miles from miles

Love that that I seek to give
Befall within my own mistake
Wonder am I going to relief 
Pressured from crate to crate

How are you over there?
Definitely better than here
I promise you once to be there
Everyday, thinking of you here

I didn't managed to call your name
Apparently you don't have any
Dear sweet I feel so ashamed
Everyday I feel so tiny

Dear love
Each moment I think of following you
I know it's not my time yet

Supposed you be the one I listen to
The one I caress
The one I'll protect with my life
The reason that I'm fighting for.

But now
I'm not strong enough dear
I keep blaming myself for what happened to you
I do wish it's me instead of you
But it's destined that way

Please do tell them I'm sorry
If I ever whining
You're always part of my history
A beginning crawling to an ending

If we ever given chance to meet
Pray for me dear
I lock you inside my heart
Hope you don't forget me here

[dedicated to my unborn little sister]
May Allah put her soul in blessing

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