Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Come To Me

Comfortness to me you seek
Hugs to you I give 

I feel your warmness
That I long everyday
I give hugs to comfort you
And your warmness conforts me

Sadness to me you share
Joy to you I give

I sense your sadness
And I know it's difficult
I give joy to cure you
And your sadness stay within me

Smile to me you show
Kiss to you I give

Your smile shines brightly
Through my darkest day
I kiss you
And the light shines on me

Hate to me you feel
Love to you I give

Your hatred will never work on me
But it still cost me
I give you my love
Cause I couldn't afford the cost of hatred.

The world might prepare something for us
I may not afford it
But I prepare these 5 words for you
-I'll be there for you-

-1 of my latest creation-

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