Friday, March 26, 2010

A Place Where I Guess I Will Be Someday

Everybody has dream of some place to go...

Me too but the most I think about is NOT a place I WANT to go but where I END up to be..

The place I think I'll end up someday is not too far but visitors are less likely to be there..

When we talk bout ending, people will say about death...seems like they fancy death so much and get paranoid by it..

Be it the place is your 27 stories penthouse, jail house, your late grandma's bungalow or maybe you manage to build a house in the middle of Eiffel Tower.

To me, I didn't wish to go to that place but there's a possibility that I might end up there.

If that's happening, I wonder whether the name 'Leo Huzair Sharifudin' might still exist in your sane mind.

weeeeeeee...see ya!

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