Thursday, April 26, 2012

Create Your Stories

Last Sunday,

I went with my colleagues to the final of so called reality show

Pilih Kasih 3

To support the beautiful and talented

[Maisurah Sojangi]
[Comeyh kan? Aku tak tahu pun dia junior yang aku induct dulu]

By the way she is not the main topic I want to share with you today...

But what I'm going to share with you was something in the middle.

While on our way to Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

One of my colleagues hit the dvd player

And launched the Japanese version of "Boys Over Flower"

[I don't know the actual title]

So as we were cruising I've been thinking deeply...

Why this kind of movies really attract youngsters especially the species I always love


So I asked one of my friend bout it...

"Why do you guys love to watch this beside all the cute-handsome guys?"

With all the answers I make it short by this answer...

"We love the love stories being viewed in the movies because it's so romantic and sweet, and that's what we would never get!!"

And then I was just, "ahh ok"

But actually it left me thinking...the last statement [that's what we would never get]


Now, the scriptwriter, director and even producer create that movies...

But how come we can't create our own?

To me

Love stories are written TOGETHER not by each other...

If you want your love stories to feel like a Korean movies

Make some effort!!

Tell your partner...

"Dear, today I would like to create our stories just like Mr. Bond and his girls, let's go kick some ass!!"


"How bout we go to Disneyland and pretend that were both Cinderella and her prince?"

By EXPECTING your partner to do something special for you won't give you a top-grade love stories.

Love does involve creativity, it inspires that...

If you can't be creative, then it's better you stop because in the end you'll become less productive partnership by complaining always 24/7 period!!

You are responsible for your own stories

Stories that you're going to tell your kids...

In the future

Reality is too scarce..!!

The statement "I will swim in the sea of fire, hike the highest mountain, kill a bear for you"

Might just resolve in the literature museum 

Go on guys, 

Kill some bears [only if you got a hunting license ok?]
Go hiking together at the Mount Everest
Scuba diving at Langkawi
[Maybe swimming in a Gamat Oil Pool will be suitable to replace Sea Of Fire]
Thrill rides at Fun Fair [if you're on strict budget]

Think you're good and creative in giving reason

Convert the talent, use the creativity to overcome those obstacles

Create your own Korean love stories, Japanese love stories, Tamil love stories...


Put it inside your own novel that your children enjoy to read....

Wish you guys
 A happy stories making....

Don't make it as cliche as you think...

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