Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why avoid while you can overcome?

Assalamualaikum W.B.T
Greetings to fellow beloved readers.

Sadly to say there were no post on May..

Which month can be considered as my celebration month.
because turned 24 on that month.
Allah bless me.

By the way,
How are you guys?

Glad that some of you are still alive & still fighting to be in this challenging world.

Regarding to the topic stated above.

It's derived from a conversation with my old friend during his visit.

We did spent our quality time together...
Of course
When hanging out with a great person you won't miss any interesting topic.

So to say that he brought up an argument.

It's a normal boring topic about marriage and the argument was about [marriage in the young age]

So we present our stand then he brought up a so-called statistic 

Telling something like...

"There are about 90% of my family who married young....blablabla tends to break early"

so it's better to [avoid] such thing

Well, I can say that his argument somehow half valid...

And I told him, 90% are a big figure that will make your argument seems legit and valid...

But it will also tends to break that argument in a clean slate.

90% mean a lot had happened but how come no one ever utilize the data gather from the 90% such as problem handling?

How to OVERCOME the problem?

Some of us might stick to the famous quotation

"Prevention is better than cure"

But most of us know that shit happens sometime...

and we have to face it...!

I wonder why most people love to AVOID...

AVOID to fall in love
AVOID to have argument
AVOID to be in the crowd
AVOID to make mistake

Tell you what, when you avoid things...

It doesn't go away, it's just being halted and compiled.

Next round it will hit you like a hurricane...

Because in my life experience, my family, my friends'........

As I observed,

Avoiding never really makes you a better person...
Accepting the fact does!!

Accept the fact that you will fall in love with dumbass 
Accept the fact that even your best friend will argue with your point
Accept the fact whether you like it or not, crowd will compress you like sandwich
Accept the fact that mistake is just like the bra you're wearing inside...

And if those things happen in your life
Say to your life

It's OK, I'm going to make it.

Life is not about being problem free, it's about character developing, finding your path until you meet the Creator one final day.

Even if it kills you, take some challenge...

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