Friday, December 2, 2011

An Explanation That I Owe

Assalamaualaikum W.B.T


Greetings to all my beloved reader (fans if possible heheheh)

So I guess I have to switch alternately from each post to each post.

The last post was in Malay 

So now I'm using English as medium.

Agree guys?

Writing is a good medium to challenge the knowledge of your language 

So why not take advantage of it right?

But cut the chase..

This post is an explanation that I owe a little girl named


"There's one thing you should learn about life is NEVER speak too soon"

I admire this little girl spirits about learning

She told me she didn't understand what I meant...

So I said later I explain
(Actually I was toooooo lazy to explain)

But you know,

Promises what make a man, MAN

So here...

Dear Aliah,

When I did tell you that you should never speak too soon 

Because life never work that way.

Through my experiences,

Lot of people will say something like this

"I will never indulge in love"
"I hate smoking boyfriend"
"There's no guy/girl will ever gain my interest"
"I won't be like my mother/father"
"I'll love him/her forever and ever"

They said it enormous energy.

But later we'll find out that

"They indulge in love, and too profound of it"
"They got a smoking boyfriend, a chain smoker"
"They hooked up with the simplest guy/girl ever and say that they are the best"
"They becoming exactly like their mother & father"
"2 years (maybe lesser than that) later they broke up"

How is this surprising?

Actually NO.

Not at all

That's how Allah test your word of saying..

When you said something like that it means 

You actually putting a promise to yourself.

Promising others already hard 

Do you think to yourself will be easier?


So it's better to go for something like this

"I hope I don't indulge in love for now"
"I hope I won't get a smoking boyfriend"
"I'm not interested in anyone right now, but I know the time will come"
"I'm learning something from my mother/father, I wanna be someone different"
"I will love her/him the best I could but God knows better where this is going to"

The same spirit but more humble don't you think?

So Aliah,

I hope you finally understand what I meant..

It's okay to say something but it's better to know what you're saying...

Good luck in your life dear.

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