Friday, December 16, 2011

Are you living a fair life?

Assalamualaikum & greetings everybody...

How's your minute? 

How's your hour?

How's your day?

How's your week?

How's your month?

How's your year?

How's your LIFE?

Believe it or not...

You never think that specific right?

We might take our life for granted or maybe TOO general.

Just because 1 bad thing happen in a day...

Quickly we labelled the day as BAD DAY.

Then you said life isn't fair? 


No, it's you who's not being fair to yourself.


Do you dare to challenge my statement?

Let say I ask this question.

[kau macam mana sekarang?]

Usual answer would be

[BIASE jek]

Then you mumbling/complaining that your life wasn't INTERESTING at all?

Yo...come on!!

Cut me some slack....

How interesting your life wanna be?

Got yourself millions ringgit?

A super hot GF/BF?

A luxury transportation?

Then that's the time your life going to be interesting?

So I ask you...

Will you ever achieve that?

[entah, IMPOSSIBLE kot]

So your life is impossibly will be interesting am I right?

Damn you....

How do you tend to forget the moment the sun rise every morning?

Setting every late evening?

How can you forget the time people greet you with smile, acknowledge your existence

And just because your bloody bf/gf forget to call you

You said [Everything's suck]

How can you forget you nail every hour of lectures and classes

While there are people sleeping at room?

And your life end up with [BIASE] jek?


How do you appreciate your life or better said yourself?

Reward yourself even a little achievement...

Even if you got 100k of debt but don't you forget RM10 that your dad gave you...

Even all of your co-worker resent you, don't forget your friend that ask 'how's your computer going?'

So every time 

before you say 


Think back again...

Is it LIFE or it's just YOU?

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