Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"I want 4 girlfriends at 1 time"

Greeting readers

Fellow friends & family

Stalkers (if I have any)

How are you?

Are you feeling great?

Or still in the same wet swamp of your life?

Nevermind, keep on going...

Oh yeah...

Judging from the title of this post.

I bet most of you (especially girls) will be furious.

There goes all the cursing & everything that can be named.

But before I continue,

Have you read my post before?

If you don't, I strongly suggest you read that first to avoid further misunderstanding and world war 3 here.


If you already continue reading this, I assume you understand the terms of relationship (the real one I mean)

Let me ask you,

What do you really need from a relationship?

Someone to comfort you?
To tell you he/she loves everyday?
To be your 'alarm clock' & personal organizer?
"Personal banker"?
Fashion consultant?
Mother/father of your child?
Someone to put his/her full attention to you?
Someone to be missed?
A companion?
A possession?
Sex partner??

Well whatever reason you might give...

Look back what you did with your BF/GF?


I tell you what I did with mine.

Yes, I hold her hands (feels good)
I cuddled her (feels great)
I kissed her (damn marvelous, lovely)

Fun is it?


When I did break up her, these things haunt me like hell...until now!

What love? what care? what spark?


Girls are addicted to the words LOYAL.

It's like a drug to them, without that they will cry like there's no tomorrow.

They always relate loyalty = heart/feeling

When a man wasn't loyal they said, the man is playing with their heart.

Is it true? or just a mere myth of Hollywood movie?

So it's ok to play with your boobs rather than your heart?

It's ok to play with your attractive body, soft hands rather than your heart?

I remember asking man/woman this question?

which one better? 

1 man = 1 girlfriend
(all the sweetest things, caring, comforting + sexual intimacy)

1 man = 2, 3, 4 girlfriends
(all the sweetest things. caring, comforting - sexual intimacy)

Don't laugh, I think even you will choose the first one without noticing the plus minus symbol there..

Why is this happening?

Is it men's fault?
Is it women's fault?


Both of us need to reconcile every thing.

Need to determine which one the real truth...

Before we get too drifted away....

If my point doesn't make sense...

Feel free to argue...


guesswhola said...

Dear little brother....
I'm 100% agree with your comment, just I want to add a little bit more bout it,
1st: when a men say sayonara to a girl, he means you should find a better man for your self coz I'm not your type but how bout ladies?are they feeling the same too?
2nd: think back,if u (man) have 4 gf or wife you will know who is your child but if ladies have 4 man? Could u know the father of the child?
3rd: bak kata Adlin Amar Ramli" orange Malaysia kurang kasih sayang"so tugas lelaki adalah utk member I kasih sayang pd wanita..reason? Kaum Adam dah semakin berkurangan dalam muka bumi ini..jadi renung2 kan lah...

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

wah...cmne la hang boleh type secantik ni thru Android?

Btw tq for actually reading this until the end.

Clearly the point here, both of us needs to cooperate the right way...

Stalker said...

Somewhat disagree.

A girlfriend is as what u've described in the beginning, in other word exactly as the 1st option. As for the 2nd option, u can't call them girlfriend coz thats just simply close female friends. There's difference. So i would say, get yourself 4 close female friends, but only 1 gf.

U definitely have long way to go in life learning. Free advise... take life n love easy. Don't waste time experimenting love. Don't waste time on aiming how many gf or wives you want. It will come naturally. Judging from your age, u need to focus more on self development.

To guesswhola: dont give that nonsense arguments 'adam dah berkurangan'. Based on kajian penduduk 2011, jumlah lelaki Malaysia masih melebihi perempuan. Similar scenario at global level, n the trend is decreasing for female. This blogger is commenting on 1 guy with 4 gf, not the other way round. Thus your point#2 is invalid. Gi belajor lagi.

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Tq for the opinion dear stalker,

have u read my other post before?

This is not experimenting, this is experience.

Where I got from myself, observing family & friends...

Ya simply like u said 'close female friends'

To tell u the truth it's ur point somehow invalid...

U misjudged my title & d content, clearly standing on ur own.

The way u say it, makes u look smart but actually ur mind is nothing bigger.

My real aim here is not having 4 girlfriends at 1 time, not even a gf. My aim here to stand for what's right.

I don't know whether u're Muslim or not, if u are u should already understand, if u're not...

TQ this info is not for u.

But I appreciate u for reading this.

Free advise, I really do need self-development. Judging from what u said u must be old like 50 & learn so much about life. I respect that.

I'm taking my life & love easy, if not I won't be posting this in the 1st place. I would be like u stuck with a GF.
And again, I know u won't admit. But ur point is too personal towards me. I suggest u Gi belajor lagi cara2 penafsiran yg betul.

Damn, I love it when people disagree.

And I love it when u said, "close female friend". So if that term I have to use to love women without exploiting them. Then I agree with u.

Oh u haven't tell the point that u agree here, are u a dictator? can't even listen to reason?

Come on take life easy, I'm not planning to be ur enemy. I'm not all right, definitely not all wrong.

I hope u're happy with ur BF/GF ok?
Happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

i think this entry does make sense to me and guys out there. all i can say is girls are so complicated..they want this they want that but the truth is they didn't even know what they want.

yup..i meet and have a relation with many type of i know them.

kadang2 aku pon x faham kenapa wanita sukar berkongsi..apa salah kalau 1 bf dan 2,3,4 gf as long as boleh adil.