Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Will She Be His?

On a cold, windy night
Tampers by the sound
He lies on the ground
His head goes around

A thousand thoughts
One chance to think
Will she be his
Or his heart will sink

Time keeps moving
And the love song fading
How is his feeling
Won't make him a king

Several months to go
Times moves so slowly
He thinks of letting go
Throw it through the window

But his love flies
On its sacred wings
Up to the blue sky
To where she is

A long time of waiting
Taking and giving
But the real question is
Will she be his?

(I glanced at my STORY OF LIFE book and I found this short poem tht I created long time ago, somehow with myself noticing it brought back sweet memories of mine. To my sane mind, I nearly crying. I remember the reason, the enthusiast when I created this poem and SHE's part of it. It was during my school day, the time when I fell in love with a girl I thought will be mine. I remember how she made me smile n thinking of her nearly everyday. She's the reason I have the inspiration. Looking at this piece of artwork, reminds me closely of her. I really wanted to tell her how am I feeling right now, I can't seem to erase her from my heart ( head maybe). But I realised she wasn't mine after I have expressed my feeling, she left me for a reason I couldn't understand. Until now I wonder I not good enough or she found a better person? or she didn't like me after all or she was playing games? God knows. I f you ask me now..."if she come back to you, will you accept it?". My not-so-wise-answer will be, YES. Tell you what, when I'm in love with somebody, it means it's fucking true. Besides, I'm not good in having grudge with people. You can fucking say tht I'm stupid, longing 4 love that wasn't mine. Thanks I respected your opinion. Maybe you can just help me do it.)

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