Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rhythm Of A Lover

She stood there motionless
With her red lips smiling
That sterilized my heart
And I feel cured

Her eyes aspires me
Her voice desolves me
Her beauty astonishes me
her moves animate me

Oh, even the brightness of the light
I can change it into darkness
Even the darkness of the night
I can make it endless

But, why can't I change her
To be the light of my day
Why I can't make her
To be the night of my sky

I'll wait for her
Until the star goes down
I'll be patient forever
Until I'm away from the sun

(Weh...jiwang gler mamat ni. Nevermind, this poem I created during my schooling period too. I seem love to write at that time. FYI, I can't write w/o inspiration and my inspiration is people mostly girls. -I was once created a poem for my parent but X igt lak letak mane-. Being in love can be hurt but to me, it inspired me to write something and DAMN I love it. This also mean I'm straight...-maybe going to be bisexual someday, ahahaahaaha...great-

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