Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Queen Of My Heart

If I am a king
I'm willing to abdicate my throne
If we are sinking
I'm willing to sacrifice alone

One thing we know
The road ahead is not always straight
One thing we're not sure now
What we know least

You're a queen of loveliness
Shall I compare you to the lilies?
You've grown complete
As your beauty never abate

I can't care about anything but you
Part of you desolved in me
As long as my blood runs through
My love for you, faithfully here

Come to me my queen
Satisfy my love and need
For there has never been
Somebody trusting me as you did

I'm waiting for the day
You and I be together as one
Even it involves the sky
I'll make sure you're mine

( antara poems yang dapat disalin semula sebab baru lagi, tp xde la baru sgt sbnrnye. Sem lps kot klu x silap. Again this poem was written when I was going to propose somebody. I've prepared 3 actually because I proposed here during her birthday and I have 3 presents. I read to her after I gave her each present. You may think it's romantic but not to her, I think not enough kot. Ape2 jek la...I really wanted to tell what happened but not now I guess. Just read this poem, if you think it's good...use it to give to your loved ones)

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