Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You don't really know right?

Today is the first day of fasting...

Although the ambients seem normal but I'm sure there are a lot of differences I will find...

Yesterday, I went to UKM to deliver a bouquet of flowers to my friend's girlfriend for her convocation day because he's in Indonesia. Studying really hard...

I did it purposely to honor my promises to him, I'm really proud that I could honor it despite all the trouble that I face that day. If I could see the smile on his face, all the fatigue will be flushed right away.

Oh, I was fasting that I asked Pang Pei Leng to accompany me breaking my fast. She suggested a  place and it's Kg. Baru.

So, riding my beloved Belang R 150 with her....we shoot to Kg. Baru immediately.

We found a suitable place (actually because she kept on bragging that it's already late, hahahhaha)

We sit and enjoyed our food...only I'm the one eating it. She ate only Sotong Goreng Tepung that I ordered for her. Well, we chatted as usual...

After we finished eating, I suggested that we go for a movie...the new release, Avatar - The Last Airbender.

The movie resulted the same as the thing always interestingly happen when watching movie with this particular girl Pang Pei Leng. You could save your drinks till the end of the movie and you'll never feel cold.

Oh, the movie was at 11.45 we got plenty of time to be spent together before the movie start right?

So we went for a walk around Bukit Bintang area where we listen to the street's a very nice tune and Pang really enjoyed by their music, maybe it was her first time watching those performers.

Later, there were fire dance performers....huhuhu. nice one!

About a several minutes before the movie starts, we encounter the Yong Tau Fu and we ate some, she likes (oh getting use to it [terbiasa]) kerang very much I guess.

After we finished watching the movie, it's time to go home!

Upon arriving Bangi, I suggest that I have my first sahur and she agreed...weee

So we talked a lot, I love looking at her but the further I look the more I realize that her name's Pang Pei Leng and mine? Leo Huzair Bin Sharifudin.

Yeah...I'm a Malay and she's a Chinese.

I never really see all the differences (or maybe I say within myself, what the hell?) but she sees it all and holding on to it. Huhuhuhu....

I was having fun all the time with her but I don't really know whether she felt the same aite?

I'll do the best I could for her and for myself. The rest? I leave it to my creator, Allah S.W.T because He knows what the best for me and I'll face no matter how hurt I will feel.

It's good to be back again Leo Huzair...


madmal said...

gen, u left me as ur faithful reader a question mark.

what the heck.

i don't expect that you have a chinese friends already


way to go bro..

Bento Sensei said...

hao pengyou, ni hao? ehem..tesasul lak..alamak..cerita ko hr ni dh mcm dokumentari pun ada ak pun trasa gak kehepian ko..mcm adrenalin kot..haha..falsafah hr ni, best man win=)

to madmal, u should expect everything from leo.he always unsangkarable one! X-p

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Mr. Hawks : Well...the answer for your unexpectedness is that, u have another thing to expect of my dear friend. huhuhu

Wan : hopefully...hahaha Best Man Win? yeehaaa