Thursday, August 12, 2010

All men out there....

I told my mother once ago....

I want to get married as soon as possible....

And you know she will say something like..."what the heck?, ko nak bagi anak bini ko makan pasir?"

Hahahahaha....well, what she said is right though but she never knew why in the first place I said that.

What do you think? Why do I really need to get married as soon as possible?

Let me tell you ok...


I got 7 siblings...5 sisters and 1 younger brother.

4 of my sisters already married...leave my 5th sister, me and my younger brother.

I'm Mr. Sharifudin's son and I'm a representative of his BLOODLINE.

Now do you get the importance of this? I believe you are still blur...

My father is about 58 years old now and I was the awaited son of his because of thing called BLOODLINE.

Have you heard of SURNAME? Chinese and all the westerns have this right? this SURNAME represent BLOODLINE.

But all the Malays also have something to represent their BLOODLINE but we rarely see it or realize it.

I give an example ok?

Chew Si Long (man) + Tan Mei Li (woman) = Chew Soon Bee (son), Chew Siew Lee ( daughter)

Chew Soon Bee + Chan Siu Chen = Chew Sze Ping (Chew Si Long's grandchild)

Chew Siew Lee + Soh Guo Zeng = Soh Lee Weng (Chew Si Long's grandchild)

I ask you the different of Chew Sze Ping and Soh Lee Weng? It's their SURNAME even though they're both Si Long's grandchildren right?

Ok now example for a Malay family.

Ahmad Akmal + Siti Suriani = Siti Marina, Siti Zulaikha, Ahmad Sabri

Siti Marina + Mohd Sudfi = Mohd Sulaiman, Amirah Raihan

Siti Zulaikha + Azren Mahmud = Surihana, Mahmudiah

Ahmad Sabri + Maria Syuhaida = Adrie Halim, Nur Suhaila

You can't really see it right? All you could say that Mohd Sulaiman, Amirah Raihan, Surihana, Mahmudiah, Adrie Halim, Nur Suhaila are Ahmad Akmal and Siti Suriani's grandchildren right?

Who is the heritage of Ahmad Akmal directly????? can you point out for me?

It's Adrie Halim and only him. Why?

Ex. Mohd Sulaiman is Mohd Sudfi son but he carries only Sudfi's father bloodline not Ahmad Akmal's
Women never carry their father bloodline because they will be married to a man that carries another bloodline.

In Malays family system, it's rare if you encounter a person BIN or BINTI to the mother right?

[Amirah Raihan Binti Mohd Sudfi Bin Samad]

[Mohd Sulaiman Bin Mohd Sudfi Bin Samad]

Sulaiman is Samad's heritage and Samad's bloodline will stop permanently with Amirah.

Ahmad Akmal's bloodline will stop permanently with Siti Marina and Siti Zulaikha and leave only Ahmad Sabri.

Ahmad Sabri's son, Adrie Halim will carry his name and his grandfather's name. If Adrie manage to have a son, then his son will be Ahmad Akmal's heritage. If he doesn't, then Ahmad Akmal's heritage is loss

Adrie Halim Bin Ahmad Sabri Bin Ahmad Akmal [got it?]

Daniel Hassan Bin Adrie Halim Bin Ahmad Sabri Bin Ahmad Akmal [clear now?]

Indrawan Shah Bin Daniel Hassan Bin Adrie Halim Bin Ahmad Sabri Bin Ahmad Akmal [how bout this?]

Like I am, I'm Allahyarham A. Karim's heritage and my son will continue it.

He never got a chance to see his heritage while he's alive and I didn't get to see him.

My father got 5 grandchildren and you can bet he's a happy grandfather but wouldn't he be happier to see his heritage?

Like we always knew, ajal it's not something we determine right? If I never make my father proud of my achievement, I could just have his heritage keep on going. That's the least I could do a bonus if I can have it while his alive.

We plan but Allah's plan is much better...if we just sit and do nothing? Lu fikir la sendiri...

So guys especially men...don't just think marriage is a place where you build family, but marriage is also an heritage. Make your father 'secretly' proud of you because the thing I revealed is not something people usually discuss or realize.

Being a man is not something easy and not by the means that we are king. Don't forget our responsibility as a women protector. Don't make them lose their hope ok? 


SHE said...


Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...'t mean u're useless. With your kind, we also cannot continue our heritage. right?

madmal said...

nice one leo.
petik nama aku ea..
aku saman ko kang..
btw, i love the idea that surname carries the bloodlines and we can see the bloodline goes on the family tree.
but malay's surname is not and cannot be seen as though like the surname of the western, arab's and chinese..
that's make us difficult to know and difficult to identify our bloodlines.
make it simple, we hardly don't know friends near us are actually are our own relatives.
it happens to me..
my ex-roomate (part 1) was my cousin but we don't know each other until we bum on one of the wedding last year of our's cousin too..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Mr. Hawks : I'm really glad that u feel humble to visit and comment on my tiny little blog. It's been a hugeful happiness for me. Well, this answer to each drama TV3 which always encouraging 'relatives-marriage'

sharenel said...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... but that doesn't mean u can marry any girl u see on the street...!!!!! although u carry a bloodline... but ur own bloodline must also have a good combination background... don't be married just because u want to be married...!!!! tp apa2 hal pun... niat tuh penting hehehehe....

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Did I write here anything stated that "I WANT TO MARRY ANY GIRL ON THE STREET"??

So far, not any single women pn yg nmpk suitable....all I see was rejection n they're NOT FROM ANY STREET. How come ek?

No, it's because I don't feel any trust here.