Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful - Wondergirl

Hye guys...

It's been a long time I haven't write anything in this blog...

I think it's been missing me...poor little blog!

Well, what I'm going to write about today is bout something rather interesting.

It's called being different!

I like it when something different happening in life you know...because to different = interesting.

But I understand, when I accepted differences doesn't mean the other part will accept it right?

But the key point could worry bout things that MIGHT happen but your life won't move forward if you just keep on worrying.

That's what I am doing right now...

It's a strange feeling when you fall in love with someone different but equally the same.

There will be somebody 'forecasting' of what will happen with the relationship, saying this and that.

I agreed with their opinion seeing that it's not wrong and neither it is right too because it's not happening yet.

The best I could do is PREPARE because either way, both of us will hurt somehow....huhuhu

If you fight fate, you'll never win...if you learn to be with it, there's a chance even a little will suffice.

My dad taught me long time ago never to regret in any of my decisions....

Even if I feel regret, I think I won't tell anyone about it I guess...hahhaaha

To Nur Hidayah Zainal and Wan Amalina Wan Bahrum, both of you really leave a mark in my life. You won't see me appreciate you the way you wanted it because I will never show it. Thanks

I proceed with my life and hoping anything better will come!


madmal said...

leo.. i like it when u say we wouldn't win if we fight nature... huhu..

-Sara Cempaka- said...

im juz glad that u finally blog

sensei said...

Allah always with us, no matter what happen. and I believe, whether we get what we want, or not, it always better to be grateful to Him, cuz every cloud has a silver lining. Well, we can win the fight with the fate, cuz it's a promise from Him too. He will not change somebody's life, if that somebody doesn't put any effort on it. So, try our best and don't forget to Tawakal..Be humble and accept the final result from hmble, learn from whatever we did..we should find a way..and a good person, created for a good person too.Let's pray that our life always be better next time =)

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Mr. Hawks : hahahaha...ko ni sume yg aku ckp ade jek kononnye ko suke...hahah

Sarah : I blog longer thn u I guess...heheheh

Idwan : no pain , no gain, no guts, no glory, no failure...yeeehaa

-Sara Cempaka- said...

I mean post a blog. have not heard u for a while. yes, sir. u my senior. got it.

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Sara : senior means nothing unless I produce something out of it right? hahahah