Thursday, January 19, 2012

Life as a student?

Assalamualaikum WBT
Greetings dear fantastic readers.

One secret I want to share with you today.

I love you all...!!



With Allah permission

This coming March

I will further my study in degree level.

After almost 1.5 years of 'resting' 

I've been working around,

Do this do that.

Surely some will ask why only now I want to continue...

When I was  a diploma student,

To tell you truth 

I was a very very very lazy student.

Despite my awesomeness.

Now what makes me think after 1.5 years of resting will going to be different then?

[sorry can't stand it, I really have to smile]

Ok before I answer that question

Let's get back to the point why in the first place I want to further my study.

*It all started when I met one of the UMNO secretary*

We're having our random conversation

Until I suddenly ask him.

"bang, what if 1 day I want to be like Tun Mahathir and even greater than him, if possible I want to make his name 2nd most remembered in Malaysian history"

That bro whose name Zaim, showed an impression and answer my question.

He listed down all the thing I need to have.

1. Money 
2. Education - preferebly Degree & above
3. A suitable party

Looks easy right?

This was my key opener to further my study.


Salute to Tun M said...

Firstly, you won't be greater that Tun M, not even close. Tun M was already running at your age, while you are still dreaming becoming like him. Secondly, something not right with the advice, i'm assuming the person who claim as political secretary has no idea what true leaders like Tun M are. I suggest you read books on Tun M such as 'A doctor in the house: Memoir of Tun Dr M', 'How to Think Like Mahathir: A Step by Step to an in-Depth and Novel Application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming' among others. Anyway kudos for deciding to further study.

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

So much for a very demoralizing Malaysian such like you.
But nevermind, I don't care even it takes me years later than him.
Even if I'm just dreaming to be like him.
Erm...maybe I told it wrongly.
Actually the person told me how can I involve in the politic not to become like Mahathir.
Do you really got the idea how to become like him almost as if he's just like your relative?
Don't simply tell people that they don't know this and that.
When people don't know bout something, they learn.
That's what I'm going to do.
Thank you anyway for spending time reading this.
And thank you the last support that at least you gave me.
But I hardly agree to your first statement.
Anyone can be greater than him even you. It's not in your hand to decide.

etyradzi said...

i nk ganti ROSMAH MANSOR. hhaha :p