Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's fight ladies & gentlemen..!!

Dear ladies,
Doesn't it hurts you seeing a man choosing another man as their life partner?
Weren't you good enough? Weren't you a good mother?
How can you let them take your throne in men's heart?

Yet you encourage them to be beautiful like you, to be sweet like you, to wear things that you once afraid to show us?

Dear gentlemen,
Doesn't it hurts you seeing girl taking lips that supposed to be yours?
Are we so weak that we have to ask them to protect each other?
How come we say we are superior but we let them astray?
We cry when they didn't choose us over another guy but is it ok to let they flaunt you just because 'girls can't make girls pregnant'?

Yet we do nothing to prove that we are their savior no matter what?

Dear ladies & gentlemen,
We were on war for many centuries...
We fight each other to prove which better...
Haven't you surprised why none of us won?

Has it ever come to our sense that we are fighting the one we needed the most?
And for that very reason this war cannot be won.

But secluding to each of our clan as a 'peace treaty'?

Dear gentlemen,
Weren't you sad seeing if there's not enough friend to join you in the football field?
We laughed at those friend designing blouse & skirt but in the end you're left with nothing?
We feel gross to say we love them because "oh hell I'm a man"

We become Spartans but they become CHICKen.
Where's our brotherhood gone?

Why haven't we reach out our hand and tell them :
"Hey we got women to protect, help me and stand up. You're a man and always be. Please don't lose because I'm powerless without you"

Dear ladies,
You said men could never understand you and they will never change...
How nice of you to become us, thinking of lessen our burden
But how you intend to take our place without being them?

Accept the fact that you love us, and only us...
You said that you don't need a man but you need our love in woman form.
How can't we say you're not an egoist?

Dear ladies & gentlemen,
When you said that it's our choice, our choice to be in love with our own kind...
You fight through everything for something you called 'freedom of love'
You're strong and you wanna prove those who called themselves 'normal'.

Why can't you use the same energy, fighting the inner demon in you?
Until you're able to say the magical words

To the one who really deserve it?

Girls & Women,
I will always love you no matter how you rejected me, how handsome those girls can be, how sweet of what they said to you....
Because I will be better to deserve you.

The true independence of sexuality is not about how you can free to choose, free to love, free to change sex..

It's about how you free from sexual dilemma and be what you're already born with nature law.
That's true freedom!! That's a war that worth every bloodshed...!!

Men, fight to be in love with ONLY woman...!!
Women, fight to be in love with ONLY man...!!

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