Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year 2011 post on December last year at all? what a shame meh?

Sorry guys, been very busy last year with my some clashes between all the bosses.

As for the year 2011, I've been appointed as the Unit Manager which I need to build my own team towards success. So u can imagine a massive effort to be done to achieved that but still my sense of creativity never fade especially in a part where I can slam people around. hahahahahah

At the beginning of the new year I would like to share u sumtin bout my fav topic. WOMEN


To say that I'm the most experienced person with women, I dare not to say it but some of it I could use to help any miserable men out there to overcome their 'sickness' with women.

I encountered few men who's in frustration of getting a woman's phone/contact no.

So, I would like to share some of the answer that most women gave.

1. Sorry, I don't have a phone number

- guys, how to counter this? well, u could say sumtin like this..."I look upon u as a very sophisticated woman, with a great future lies ahead but I'm SO SAD not because of ur no but because of how primitive u are. Which year were u born? 1908?"

2. Ask my PA

- hehehe, this one u could say "oh, thanks...I just hope that ur PA is better than you because even ur no u can't keep urself, sorry if stupid is a very harsh word but I think it's suitable"

3. Oh we stayed contacted to thru facebook/YM/google etc

- I wonder if u also do that with ur grandmother, can I hv ur grandfather's ID instead?

4. It's my privacy

- hahahah. "oh really, damn...I just tot to call u 17 times a day because I'm soooo attracted to u"

Actually there's a lot response from women that I've recorded and most of them very hilarious...

Guys, getting a woman's phone no is very very tricky...u really have to face some failure in order to success. Not getting one is not a measurement to happiness, proceed to other friendly woman and embrace urself as a very brave man. Counter everything, because women really love seeing a man lose hope or feel frustrated because of them (really even they tell u it's not)

Don't feel mad because they don't know anything bout u but they decide to judge u too early (but they claim people judge them to early). It's always work the other way around.

To woman, if a man really wants u and obsess of u...there's A LOT of WAYS to obtain ur 'precious' no. Believe me, u'll be surprise with a man determination and in the end u'll be trapped.
you are lucky if that man wants ur no with no hidden meaning, but if a man wants ur no just to test ur response? Heheheeh...look around u.

oh, if anyone would like to contribute their opinion of some other creative ways to counter frustration...u are free to do that. (please use a verified language ok? not too harsh not too pleasant)

with that, I thank u.


madmal said...

hehe.. very sarcastic.. but i think i'll take ur advice since it was really great idea...
but something that distract me from the very beginning i red ur point, i thought u were referring to "somebody" i knew.. hehehe.. ;)

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

oh....yup to be frank.

This post really refer to anyone u might know.

Shall I state her name here? :)