Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hatyai & Bangkok Trip With I & Partners Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (Axa Affin)

Hello everyone....

Writing bout your experience is the easiest thing you can write...

So, I'm about to share u my experience of visiting other country.

Ok....for almost 20 years ++, I haven't been outside of this beloved country Malaysia.

I know what passport is but never got a chance to use it...

Ok now, when I'm working as a team with I & Partners Solution Sdn. Bhd.

I managed to achieve several achievement given by the respectable company, AXA AFFIN.

On 7th - 9th January 2011 to Hatyai, Thailand.

On 19th - 22nd January 2011 to Bangkok, Thailand.

Both of this trips gave me a very different experiences....

Hatyai trip I managed to bring Mr. Hawks along as there was an extra ticket, I offered to several friends.

But they may be thinking I was joking and take it lightly, so there goes Mr. Hawks taking the opportunity.

Bangkok trip he was not around but everyone's looking for him though...keep asking "where's Kueh?'

(Kueh is Mr. Hawks a.k.a Akmal Genius nickname over there given by his biggest fan over there)

Tell you what, it's hard for you to communicate in Bangkok rather than in Hatyai.

Plus Halal food was much easier to find in Hatyai than Bangkok.

In Hatyai, u can just go outside of the hotel and find stall where u can have Teh Tarik at midnight.

But in Bangkok, just take Coca Cola la or plain water to be safer...hehehe

Environment? Lots...lots...lots of girl..!!!

But u hv to be very careful whether they're real or not.....

(this is an explicit not view this while ur little brother around ok?)

Both of this picture, which one REAL?

Most of my friends think that I will look for hooker over there...

YES, I did look for them.

I couldn't deny my true men desire, looking for something I haven't experience it real life...

If u judge me simply by not understanding the TRUE statement...I already laugh out loud.

Hey, I don't have to look for them, they're all around me la during that time, it's either u want it or not jek.

THAT's the culture differences.

U got that a lot in Malaysia?

Probably u'll just sneaking around at Lorong Haji Taib or just enjoy pornography on the internet.

But there?

Ask yourself.


In Hatyai, we're staying at Lee Garden Plaza Hotel and Bangkok at The Emerald Hotel.

I don'tknow the rate at Lee Garden but at The Emerald Hotel the cheapest was about 4000 baht = RM400 

The room that we're staying was 5300 baht = RM530

This was The Emerald Hotel room (Lee Garden room I forgot to take picture of it)

You know what, inside the room refrigerator they include a condom for you!!

You don't have to bring your own for precaution...hahahahh

I didn't do a lot for shopping, my travel type is not like around for people's sourvenir.

(bukan kedekut tapi I don't get use to it yet)

What I did only take lots of environmental view and I collect anything that I couldn't find in Malaysia.

I collect all those Coke's bottle, Pepsi, Ice Lemon Tea and even A&W Root Beer tin.

(ade org cakap macam bodo, travel jauh2 tapi x beli pape kumpul junk plak tuh)

Coke's bottle I bought for 10 baht = RM1, I got 3 in collection now.

It's not the plastic bottle, it's miniature version of glass bottle we 'used' to see in Malaysia.

Printed in Thailand language, greatest proof that I've been in Thailand.

If I bought a T-shirt or a key chain, I can made that myself in Malaysia take picture claim to everyone I've been to Thailand huh?

And as for the picture...

NEVER EVER take only YOUR picture.

Study some basic angle about photograph which can show ur picture also with ur environment.

When you're bout to show ur picture to ur friend...

Be it 1000 pictures, they don't care bout ur face...they see u everyday!

It's a very wonderful moment...

I like to write more but I f'm feeling so tired now.

Oh...btw, Hawks aka Akmal got love hooks up over there...lucky him huh?

Well for me, I stick where I'm supposed to do for now...

Tapi aweks Thailand mmg sesuai ngn aku sebab diorg berani naik motor laju2...hahahahah

till then....


madmal said...

cam haram ayat ko.. huhu.. aiii.. genuis betul la ko nie.. mesti ko na refer aku sebagai hawks.. hawks tu utk ko la.. aish..

weh anyway, thanks for the ticket. :)

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Say what you want, in this case...u're not one of the judges!! Let readers decide dude...hehehe