Thursday, April 23, 2009

When Looking At You...

When looking at you
My heart pounded deep
And I couldn’t see through
Even my steps were tripped

I hid my face
Knowing the comparison between us
As for you I’m going to race
And in God I put my trust

When looking at you
I could only hope you look back
Anything towards you always true
And I hope you won’t aback

I picked the stars
To compare those with you
You are beyond comparison
And no one’s going to demur

When looking at you
All my problems sank
I got my eyes on you
Cause your enthusiasm makes me thinking

I feel incomplete
If you’re unseen
I feel stimulated
If I see you now and then

Guest what?


Syaza Izura said...

for that gurl?

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...


it's great to be in love I guess..

it gives me inspirations...

Syaza Izura said...

gud for u..=)

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

good for me huh?

not until I get her...


Syaza Izura said...


Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...


just pray for me la...