Monday, April 6, 2009


If you search for tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love
you need to live
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you

I can always find someone
To say they sympathize
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve
But I don't want some pretty face
To tell me pretty lies
All I want is someone to believe


I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can have security
Until the bitter end
Anyone can comfort me
With promises again
I know, I know

When I'm deep inside of me
Don't be too concerned
I won't ask for
nothin' while I'm gone
But when I want sincerity
Tell me where else can I turn
Because you're the one
that I depend upon


-what do expect most from a person you love?
have you guys ask this question to yourself?
I have my own answer and this little piece of work animates me
it surely reveals the answer deep inside my heart
when it has been answered...
comes the next question..
do you always acquire it?
Mostly in my life, I seem to love a very wrong person and a very wrong time...
Then I asked another question to myself, do I apply it to the person I love...
I have to say the answer is almost...
Why can't I have fairness in this game called love?


Syaza Izura said...

owhh...lagu ni...

ermm..actually,in what aspects of honesty do u want in a person u love?

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

aspect huh?

all I want is for her to be truthful..

if she didn't like me just tell me...

Syaza Izura said...


ermm..leo da decide lom nak wat camne pasal gurl yg minat kat leo tu?ke..still x taw nk wat ape lg..?

so..agaknye(assumption syaza jer ni) mcm tu la gak ape yg gurl yg leo suka tu rase..x taw nk decide cam ne..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Leo jdkn dier sebagai kwn la...

aslkn dier ok..

Leo pn ok la..

Dier x tau nk decide? Leo dh bg masa yg pjg kot

-Sara Cempaka- said...

Well for me if you expect honesty,
you have to be clear yourself..
Sometimes or most of the times,
it's hard to be honest,as the past/histories forced someone not to trust anybody..
Well,my thoughts..

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...


What u give u get back huh?

I try 2 be honest with the one I love..

and hopefully I'll get it back...X berharap la pn..