Thursday, October 27, 2011

Le me share with u

Assalamualaikum W.B.T dan salam sejahtera....


Korang sure ade impiankan?

Sure impian korang hebat2 belaka....

Ok...ape yng aku nak share ngn korang ni ialah KIRA-KIRA.

Bosan? Jangan judge ok...aku tampar kang!!

Sape kat sini berimpian untuk beli BMW? or Lambo?

Mesti ade kan?

Jap sini aku amek kire2 average tau...jangan nak particular sgt sbb aku budak writing bkn math or statistic. 

Tapi aku suke nak belajar benda lain...

Katekan sebuah BMW = RM300k

Loan repayment for 5 years.

monthly payment = RM6000/month = RM72000/year

Got it?

This is only for 1 car that value will be going down each time...

After thinking, I'm switching from having an expensive car into having 4 wives!!

[damn Leo, u're such a jerk...!]
[u greedy bastard!!]
[ko mmg macam haram kan?]

well I get that guys...n thanks.

Nak tahu kenapa?

I will be spending RM72000 for 5 years right?

Let's say I use that money...divide into 4 (as in hving 4 wives)

I'll be spending RM18000/year on each person = RM1500/month

Hey dude, I'm giving food for 4 persons for 5 years beb...

Instead of giving that to A Shiny BMW that somehow a new version will come after it...

Think again, u provide a good life for ur wives, they pray for u everyday and ur life will definitely getting better.

A BMW or Lambo? they give u more headache....

So guys, I'm not repelling anyone's dream...

U want a BMW go get it...follow ur dream. I wish u luck.

I also want a BMW maybe after I get 4 wives waiting for me at home...

Cuddling me, asking me how's my day like, tell me cute stories of our kids...(hopefully there'll be a lot)

For me, that's the essence of being handsomely-rich.

Remember, money might not be everything but still u need it for now.


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