Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sivaji : The Boss

Weh...I've been looking for this movie quite a long time.

(not the type to go to cinema watching Tamil movie huh...jatuh standard lak!!)

Finally, after surveying some video stall...I manage to find this DVD.

I watched it at 2.35 a.m and finished it at 7 a.m...(skipping the "singing" part, stop for a while searching for food, online and u shouldn't confuse why it's late)

I heard this movie causing some troubles during their screening at cinema....

people enraging because of some technical errors during screening, burning the cinema down...(not in my town la)

I wonder why such film causing that kind of trouble, it must have a large sum of viewers to make it happened...when comes to number of viewers, I assumed this movies is something worth watching..

Have u watched it?

I strongly recommend you watch it...

This is a story of a man named Sivaji, who just returned from America after working 9-5 to gain money for his build a university and hospital for the needed.

(I admired his noble intention...just wonder whether there are people like him in the real world)

Every hero must have their own problem, same goes to this Sivaji...his noble manner was objected by a known powerful man name Aadhi.

His saving, 250 million rupees gone without settlement of his dreams...(even after he was forced to bribe 16 department in government and he's turned down by it)

just like a quotation,

"walk in like a Duke, walk out like a duck"

He's left with shame and penniless...(Aadhi humiliated him by "donating" him a penny)

He's down and frustrated and to add into his gloomy moment...his dream girl refused to marry him because of some premonition.

but it was just for a moment, he stood up and face it like a man...using the penny that Aadhi gave him as a lucky coin. (noted you that, he got style in fact he's a superstar)

He turned into "The Boss"

He used all the nearly same method that his enemy used against him before...(blackmailing for a start)

He soon discovered there are a lot of so called 'black money' hidden by the rich people across India...he used his intelligence as a graduate from America university in line of computer science to retrive the money and converted it into legal.

At last, he managed to fulfill his dream to help people...

but his enemy weren't finished...they came up with plans to bring him down at ANY cause.

(it's a Tamil movie maa, no surprise if I tell you the details...)

It's a well planned movie plus it's Rajni, he got!!)

that all folks...this is my opinion so far.


mimi said...

tgh tgok kt tv3...tu lar...i heard about people in klang burnt down the cinema too

Leo "Ricky" Huzair said...

Mimi. Kesian u.

TV3 sucks...dier potong banyak kot.

It's a great movie. true