Monday, August 31, 2009

Nicely Done!!

Wah...the last post was on 1st August?

and now it's 31st August?

Couldn't believe it that's like traveling with a Mustang.

that's why I named this post as "Nicely Done"

So, it's not like I don't wanna update my blog but I was collecting pieces of me that scattered around.

*What? I'm broken?

no's just I was separated by any mean of being Leo Huzair. Hu3

Well, who created me?

God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna and name it.

For me, Allah was the one who created me 21 years ago, on 15th May 1988.

He had planned everything for my life right from the day, but I believe it was really before that moment. Who knows him well right?

Whether I'm happy with the life I'm having right now...I can tell you, it is SUBJECTIVE.

Now, I say that I love Him...but you can also say "it's just a saying" doubt about that. It's now but 1 day later or maybe 10 minutes later it will vary BECAUSE such thing in the dictionary called CIRCUMSTANCES.

Yeah...I've observing this circumstances that happen in people's life mostly mine...

I'm sure you all penah dengar ni...Qada dan Qadar kn? kn?

ape tuh sbnrnye?

I'm not a religious person, because I still need to research...

but I'm telling you in my point of view...

ok.. Qada and Qadar are the 6th commandment of Iman, so if you're a Mosleem and you don't believe it then must be something wrong with your Iman.

So, Qada and Qadar stated that...everything in this life and after life have been decided by Allah in the very beginning whether it's BAD or GOOD or PROMISING.

It was HIS plan...

I'm sitting in front of my pc right now posting this blog, it had been organized maybe the day before the Big Bang happen.

Scholar said "human mind is like a super computer it can store lots of thing"

that is our mind capabilities and we still dare to question His capabilities as our creator...

Why there are many religions?

Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Sciencetology, Hebrews and others...

so, there comes PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE..

these religions are to filled these 3 start looking on your own life..

between these words...lies the word CIRCUMSTANCES.

I've been looking in my own life, getting any point why I don't have this I don't have that...and I was left questioning Him WHY?

I looked back...I say He's PERFECT.

some people in worse condition will complaint and say such things as "He played my life and that's not fair"

As human, we know that brilliant person conquer the one that isn't...

and GOD is really too brilliant to be said with word...if you want to fight Him.
try to be more brilliant than Him.

This is what happen nowadays...they defy God and I'm part of it somehow by writing this. By this they evolve to something brilliant.

Have you played The Sims video games series?

It's a game where you control human being...they try to give you the power of God. (It's a fun game try it. Why?

Selalu dengar orang cakap, kalau kita nak berjaya kita kena berusaha kan?

nak tackle awek ker, nak dapat A ker, nak makan ker...kena usaha.

to be like God, you have to do some hard effort. I'm not telling I'm losing faith in Him, I questioned this to know me as I'm separated. I want to help people being their best as I wanted to be...

The Westerner claimed all greatest came from their race...

but you all know it's a propaganda...

How is this happening?

Believe me or not...It's already in His plan.

How about the CIRCUMSTANCES?

it's from Him also...just to test your capabilities.

If you created something, sure you want it to be the BEST.

same to Him, he also want the best in His creation that is why we are the best creature. All of us but if we fail we blame Him for not being fair.

Take your time to think whenever you're happy or sad...surely you'll find some part of His work.

at the end I hope you'll say "God, NICELY DONE"

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