Friday, November 28, 2008

PS3 or XBox 360?

Hello readers....

This Kazuma Kiryu speaking...


I been to video games shop...

what caught up in my eyes was the latest PS3..

Wow...if u see it for urself, u'll understand how was my feelings at that time..

(note: for gamers like me la and 4 anybody who would to like discover the art of video gaming)

Well, I welcome 2 u all...

I ask the shop owner..

"Boss, PS3 brape huh skrg?"...ceh, it seem like I have the money the truth is I don't
"PS3 huh, hurm lebih kulang RM1500++ la. Flee 1 game maa"

(wow, it's quite an amount of money to be spent maa, wish I have the money!!!)

"Flee 1 game ja ka?" Aiyoo...gua myk pening woo at that time
I was stopped 4 a moment, my mind thinking of the expensive price..

"Lu xnk try itu XBox ka?
"huh? XBox 360?" I glanced at the's just next to d PS3 maa

I wondered myself...

PS3 uses Blu-Ray disc to play...and 1 disc is about RM200-RM300.

"Ape ada itu XBox?"
"Ini mcm ala ooo...sulah modified, bleh main game pirate maa...satu DVD9 RM8...suma game PS3 pun XBox ade tau...x myk beza lor..."
"Grand Theft Auto 4 ade la?"
"Ade mau tggu itu PS3 modified lame lagi woo..."

I wondered again...
before this, I never put my eyes on XBox but I heard what that Tauke said...
it really changed my mind....

"brape itu XBox?"
"RM1600 lebih kulang ar tp lu boleh dpt kulang lg la...skit mahal drpd PS3 la...

So, guys...I don't care whether u're a girl or a boy.
Whether u're a gamer or not..

Comment bout this matter....Which 1 would u choose 4 ur posession??
PS3 or XBox 360?

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